How to Choose a Kitchen Faucet

5 Tips on How to Choose a Kitchen Faucet

If you’re thinking of upgrading the kitchen faucet at your home or buy a new faucet, you need to keep some point in your mind. Our tips on how to choose a kitchen faucet will provide in depth information on the features and important aspects of a kitchen faucet.

Sometimes, we tend to ignore some minor aspects as well before buying a faucet. But, just a little change can bring a big difference in the kitchen environment. This small change can bring an enormous impact on your kitchen.

It is important to know the right aspects of a kitchen faucet because it will let you know what to look for before buying the faucet. If you know the aspects as well as the guides, then it will be very easy to choose a perfect kitchen faucet.

Tips on How to Choose a Kitchen Faucet

When there are so many styles and options, it’s quite difficult to choose the best one out of it. You can easily get carried away with the enormous advertisement and choose a faucet that will not make you happy. Hence, there are some tips to consider before buying the kitchen faucet.

 Faucet Finishing

Normally, the finishing with bronze. Nickel, stainless steel or chrome are available in the market. So if you prefer a unified look in the kitchen, choose the faucet which matches with your cabinet.

Finishing of a kitchen faucet is important. Because it gives a proper look in the kitchen. A single piece of bad looking faucet can change the whole environment and make your time in kitchen unpleasant.

Handles and Sprayer

Handles and Sprayer

Usually, the standard kitchen faucets have either one handle with rotation for changing the temperature or two handles for mixing the hole and cold water. Single handle is easier to maintain and use. It’s normally attached to the sides or the main unit.

For the handle parts, it’s better to go for lever handle so that you can operate with your elbow and not with the cooking hand. Besides, it gives access to all kind of people with physical disability. Again, in some levers, there is touch sensor which gives warning when touching with the messy hand.

The sprayers are built-in soap dispensers which are a popular added feature in the modern faucet. It’s better to have pull-down multifunctional spray head. The kitchen faucets are normally available as pull down or pull out. Finally, when buy the faucet check the quality of the sprayer and its durability with less cost and low maintenance.

Water Filtration System

In the new kitchen faucet, there is a built-in water filtration system. So it’s possible to get the clean and healthy water in your kitchen. If you want clean and healthy water from the faucet for drinking and cleaning then this is a serious consideration.

The filtering process removes dirt and germ. So while purchasing choose the faucet with the filtering system. A lot of best kitchen faucets have proper water filtration system with the faucet.

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Sinkholes to Consider

If you’re, thinking to buy a new sink, then you can put any number of holes in the sink according to your need. On the contrary, if you want to replace the kitchen faucet with the modern one then you need to see how many holes are there.

The traditional faucets with hot and cold water have 3 holes for the taps and the spout. So another hole is required to install the sprayer. On the other hand, you can buy one-piece faucet which needs 2 holes, one for the handle and other for the sprayer. Single hole faucet has got much popularity due to easy access and low maintenance.

Installation and Repair Process

installation and repair kitchen faucet

Now, the newly designed kitchen faucets are normally installed by self. But the problem arises when it comes to repairing. Can you repair by yourself or you need professional service of a plumber in your area?

Mostly people look for a plumber as there is the possibility of mishandling. Moreover, if you’re not confident in installing, you can call for professional assistance another important thing to notice is that you can repair by very small cost but don’t go for the replacement. Because for replacing you need to call the plumber from outside, and it’ll cost you more. Just make sure that the kitchen faucets parts are available at your places.

 There is 2 type of faucet installation. These are:

  • Bottom-mount- screwed through the top of the faucet piece
  • top mount- screwed through the bottom of the faucet piece under the counter


Some of the times we forget to check out the fact that we need in our kitchen faucet. We can get carried out with the promotional features and make a choice on them instead of considering what we need.

The most important thing is to make a consideration list before choosing a kitchen faucet. If you know your preference correctly, then will also know how to choose a kitchen faucet.

Our guide on how to choose a kitchen faucet will give the most important points to consider. I hope this article will help you through buying the proper kitchen faucet for your home.

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  1. I had no idea that there were so many options when it came for how many holes your sink could have for the faucet. It makes sense that single hole ones are popular because people like me do like low maintenance. My husband and I are remodeling our kitchen, and we are wondering what to do with the sink and therefore faucet. Your tips will really help us as we find one and find someone to install it.

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