7 Common Kitchen Faucet Problems and Solutions

7 Common Kitchen Faucet Problems and Solutions

If you work in the kitchen, probably you know how much annoying it is, if the faucet doesn’t work properly! It’s not that only you suffer; rather your whole family becomes the victim of kitchen faucet problems. If you do not have a proper kitchen faucet maintenance idea, then the situation can get worse. Not only a low-quality kitchen faucet can create messes, but also can you lack knowledge.

Hence, you need a fully-functional faucet that helps to do the kitchen task efficiently. Also, you need proper knowledge. That will help you to understand the problem properly and also take care of these problems.

Common Pull Out Kitchen Faucet Problems and Solutions

It is important to maintain a kitchen faucet to get the help of it properly. So, to be more careful in handling the faucet and installation, I discussed here the common kitchen problems with the solution. It’ll help how to get rid of the problem quickly.

1. Low water pressure

Low water pressureSometimes, it can be very annoying if the water flow gets weaker. You will have lower water out of the faucet, and your cleaning can get time-consuming and boring. You can easily get rid of this problem with a simple tip. When you’re experiencing a weak stream, you need to clean the clogged aerator. The minerals like calcium come with the water flow and get deposited in the aerator.

To remove the clogged aerator, dip a brush in vinegar and clean out all garbage and debris accumulated at the aerator.  Therefore, getting rid of low water pressure can be very easy if you know how to clean the clogged aerator.

2. Leak Due to O-ring

There are various reasons for the leak in the faucet. You can call the plumber for the replacement. After calling a plumber and paying a lot of money, you can find out the problem was not so big.

So, before calling the plumber, you can check whether your O-ring seal is worn out or not.  Because when the O-ring wears, you’ll see a leak in the faucet. This ring doesn’t last forever. If this happens, then you can easily solve the problem without calling a high-paying plumber.

Turn off the water from the main source and get access to the O-ring. You can change the O-ring on your own and solve this problem without paying a lot. Just buying an O-ring can solve it.

Another cause of the leak may be the worn-out of some parts of the faucet. So go to the hardware store and solve the annoying leaking problem.

3. Rust Formation

Rust FormationRust formation is another issue; you’ll notice in the faucet. It’s not good for the water quality as well for your health. You can see the rust formation from the outside, or it might form on the inside of the faucet.

It happens when the metal exposed to oxygen and moisture for a long period. This exposure can cause damage to the faucet by weakening the bonds and can also harm the water. You can check the faucet carefully and find out the rust problem.

4. Wear of different parts

You can notice the wear of the lever or the spray. This can happen after long usages of the kitchen faucets. Also, if you are cleaning big meat chunks or bones from the rib rack and another dish, then chuck of the meat and bbq can get into the sink and make the wear off.

At this stage, they become hard to manipulate. So call the plumber and repair the worn-out parts. You do not need to buy a new set-up to get rid of this wear problem.

5. The wrong assembly leads to various problems

Seeing the different DIY projects, you might like to install them by yourself. Yes, surely you can do it. But for that, you need to digest the manual for a few minutes. You need to have a clear idea about the installation process. Otherwise, things will go wrong. Problems including rusting, wear out, low-pressure flow, etc. might come out.

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So before installing, study the manual properly and search the internet and watch different videos on the installation process. Thus, you’ll be fully clear with your problems and go for the assembly.

6. Hoses getting tangled due to temperature

This problem mostly occurs in the pull-out faucet. The hose gets tangled with the handle. So it takes some time to untangle it. But don’t worry, it’ll not damage the faucet.  When the temperature gets to normal, it can get to the normal condition without any repairs.

7. Water not getting hot properly

When you’re adding new faucet to the kitchen, change the water heater at the same time. If the water doesn’t get hot properly, then the faults might be on the gas- burning heater, thermocouple, control valve, etc. change the parts what are needed.

Most of the kitchen faucet problems are easy to solve. Sometimes you need external tools to repair it, at times you can get rid of the kitchen faucet problems easily by your own.

I hope these seven kitchen faucet problems and their solution can help you fix these problems easily.

If you understand the kitchen faucet problems and know how to fix them, you will have the power to solve it and save hundreds.

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  1. Your tip about how kitchen sink parts can wear out and cause leaks really helped. When I was invited over to my brother’s house for the weekend, I noticed that all of his kitchen sinks looked very dated, and were even leaking under the cabinet they were installed in. I understand that he’s been busy lately since he just recently got accepted at a new job, so I’ll take it upon my self to get a plumber to help him fix his kitchen sinks so he won’t need to worry about it.

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