Moen 5995 Arbor Pulldown Single Mount Bar Faucet Review

Moen 5995 Arbor Pulldown Single Mount Bar Faucet Review

We all would love and easy cleaning experience after a lot of works of cooking and serve them to our family or friends. And if we can have a kitchen faucet that lets me work with ultimate comfort, that will be great. And the Moen 5995 one-handled pull-down kitchen faucet can be that option.

Moen is dedicated to design and deliver beautiful products all over the world. Moen 5995 one-handled pull-down high-arc single mount bar kitchen faucet has a very well design and cost-effective fixture for your kitchen. It can be easily installed and maintained. Arbor’s smooth profile is tailored to fullness.

The escutcheon plate is not included with this product so you will have to buy it separately. You can also purchase Moen 3942 Kitchen Soap and Lotion Dispenser with the faucet for your kitchen sink to make it look well managed.

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Moen 5995 Arbor Pulldown Kitchen Faucet Review

All of the top Moen kitchen faucets, this 5995 model comes with some excellent features to comfortably clean the food and plates. It also comes with stylish finish and superb built quality to last a very good time in your kitchen. If you are interested in this kitchen already then you can read further to this Moen 5995 review and specs below for final confirmation.

Four Different Finishes

Moen 5995 Arbor kitchen faucet has four different finishes: mirror-like Chrome, Matte Black, Oil-rubbed Bronze and Spot-resistant Stainless finish. All the finishes are guaranteed to last a lifetime. Also, with this function, you will have the option to set them on different kinds of the kitchen without changing the outfit of it.

Moen 5995 Arbor Review

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One of the few reasons why people are so curious about this faucet. The wide option makes them used in modern kitchens very easily. Also, you will be the surprise of its quality. In case it wears off you can replace it because Moen provides a lifetime warranty for finishes.

Each of the finishes looks well with stylish polish, but oil bronze finishes may vary from each other because of its technical reasons so if you are planning to buy a couple of this faucet where color matching is required, I would suggest you to choose other than this particular shade.

Hydro lock Installation System

The next features are the hydro lock installation system for Moen. While comparing the Moen 5995 vs 7594, I got very good performance from both of these items.

Moen provides DuraLock Quick Connect Installation System which makes the setup procedure very simple. So, there is no tool needed and if you have past experience you will manage to set it up by yourself in a very short time. You can securely connect the waterlines in just one quick step by the grace of hydro lock quick connect system.  Do not forget to purchase the escutcheon plate.

It has a single or three-hole installation method. The installation is very easy and one can easily do the whole process without pro types of tools.

Connection size is 3/8 inches and connection type is compression with an audible, visible and tactile confirmation of proper installation. Its weight is only 7.2 pounds so fixing up will not need much force.

High Arc with Pull-down Spout

I love high arc design of the faucets, as it creates a proper space to keep the bigger bowls, mugs, cups etc. It lets you easily clean the items by putting the sprays closer, giving better access inside the bowls. The spout height is 14.38 inches and the spout reach is 6.56 inches which means it is approximately 14 inches from the base to the top of the faucet.

Moreover, the arc is not very wide so it does not reach the middle of the sink which is a drawback of this faucet. But it will not really disturb your washing and cleaning rather than splashing some water around. Also, the spout rotates 360 degrees so you can use it on dual sinks.

The braided hose is 68 inches. The reflex pull-down system made the movements very convenient and effortless. The ultra-flexible hose returns to docked position securely after application. This feature extends the usage of the pullout wand.

Dual Function Sprayer

The faucet has two types of spraying modes: aerated stream for everyday cleaning and power clean spray for heavy cleaning purposes. Besides, the spray wand offers a great range of motions. You will have to hold down the sprayer button on the faucet while using the spray mode. It is not a defect; it is the way this faucet works.

Along with the quality Moen 5995 parts, I really liked the exceptional dual function sprayer. I guess most of the quality faucet does have spraying options but the sprays of Moen Arbor 5995 have one of the perfect power clean sprays for quick cleaning.

The faucet allows 1.5 gallons per minute water usage maximum. The Power Clean Spray Technology provides 50 percent more spray power than most of the pullout kitchen faucets.

Single Lever Styled handle

Moen bar sink faucets have some of the greatest feature to be user-friendly. So, that is why they are producing some of the most popular kitchen faucets on the market.

The single lever styled handle is ADA compliant. You can mount the handle easily on the right side only but the 360-degree movement of the spout enables you to have it on either side. You can smoothly adjust the water with it. the 100-degree arc of handle travel allows you to control the temperature without any effort.

Low Budget and Warranty of Moen 5995

With all the features this faucet provides, the price is relatively lower. I was really surprised with the cheap rate considering the tough construction and quality of this smart kitchen faucet. Actually, you can say this as one of the best pull-down faucets on a low budget.

Moen offers a limited lifetime warranty against leaks, drips, and finish defects with all its products. You can replace your faucet years after installation in case of these defects. So, this offer has made Moen products very attractive to customers and it is one of the reasons that Moen is thriving over the market of plumbing products for a long time.


  • The faucet has the option of easy installation
  • Dual spray modes help you to choose between smart and quick clean
  • Comes with pull-down wand to clean bigger pots and items
  • ADA compliant makes using this faucet easier
  • Comes with spot resistant technology makes faucet last longer
  • Comes with limited lifetime warranty of Moen
  • Can makes life in the kitchen lot more easier
  • Doesn’t have a lot to pay for the features it provides


  • You need continuous spray button pressing for proper cleaning
  • This faucet doesn’t include escutcheon plate

Final Thought

Moen products have timeless appeal and compliment a variety of decorating styles. Also, Moen arbor one-handle high arc pulldown kitchen faucet featuring reflex spot resist stainless to make them very sturdy and lasting in the heavy duty kitchens. Also, the design and high arc pulldown features help you to clean larger items without any hassle.

They are built for lasting performance. I have used them in my kitchens for testing purposes and I am very satisfied with the overall performance. If you have been searching for a cool faucet in an affordable range of price you should go for Moen 5995 Arbor kitchen faucet.

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