Top 10 Best Kitchen Faucets Reviews

Top 10 Best Kitchen Faucets Reviews

The best kitchen faucet can’t be only defined by a set of features. It’s all about adopting with proper cleaning, feel and comfort. A good faucet will let you clean food and kitchen appliances. The best one will do it in most simple and comfortable way.

To find our top kitchen faucet picks, we consulted with home and kitchen experts, looked around the consumer reviews and kitchen savvy sites then tested more than 20 faucets for features, quality, and comfort.

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Top 10 Best Kitchen Faucets Reviews

We have comprised different brands with considering their features, quality, price, and popularity and come with a list of top 10 kitchen faucets in 2018. Let us find out these faucet reviews with their short description, features, advantages, and disadvantages.

Delta 9178-AR-DST Leland Faucet

Delta 9178-AR-DST Leland Faucet is one of the popular kitchen faucets on the market. Most of the people love this product for their excellent design and functions. You will love the modern functionality with the aesthetic beauty of the shiny stainless outer part of this faucet. Also, these faucets are made in chrome and bronze finish. So, it can easily fit into your modern kitchen with improving the beauty.

The pull-down design of these water faucets makes it very easy to bring out the water. You can use this one with your single hand. Also, the ability to swing the knob for 360 degrees is a fascinating fact.

You can also bring down the arc spout from the high position. Thanks to the easy to handle “MagnaTite Docking System.” So, if you face any splash of the water problem, you can utilize this option. Also, the docking system comes with magnet embedding. This makes sure the wand fit into the right spot makes it very reliable to use this faucet. The easy to use features of these faucets makes them one of the bests in the market.

I also the lever design of the Delta 9178-AR-DST Leland Faucet. The one lever allows switching between cold and hot water very easily. I could easily switch to the spray modes from the stream mode. 

Also, the sturdiness of this faucet model is amazing. You can use this item for a long time. The “Diamond Seal Technology” used in this facets provide a diamond coating with the valve that can last five million users.

Highlighted Features

  • Made with Arctic stainless steel
  • Has a smart design with a glossy finish
  • Comes with Delta faucet lifetime limited warranty
  • MagnaTite docking system keeps the pull-down spray in place
  • Has a powerful integrated magnet
  • High-arc spout with 360° swivel facility


  • Comes with sturdy stainless still to last longer
  • Smart design will fit perfectly in modern looking kitchens
  • Smart swivel facility makes using this faucet easies
  • Have the space to clean large and long pots and items
  • Powerful magnet of this faucet ensure proper uses


  • The plastic retainer springs free easily from the extension cord
  • The touch activated this faucet  feature may not work properly 
  • Touch feature needs attention while cleaning the faucet

Kraus KPF-1602SS Commercial Style Kitchen Faucet

The reasons for keeping the Kraus KPF-1602SS Commercial Style Faucet on the second spot is the quality and finish it offers. Because of its unchallenged construction quality, you can use this kitchen item for both home and commercial usage. After heavy usages of long years, you can expect no less in the quality and service of this faucet. It is made of stainless steel, which is resistant to rust. It lessens the possibility of any outer damage in wet weather.

I also love the chrome finish design for it. It will fit into any modern looking kitchen without any doubts. With enhancing the aesthetic of your kitchen, it will add comfort to the household works. Thanks to the aerator with the highest performance. Also, the sturdy ceramic cartridge mechanism of this faucet prevents any kinds of drips. Most of the people love the smooth operation of this popular product.

The pull-down head can be rotated to 360 degrees, giving excellent ease to users. You will also have flow control with the single lever. So, you can use this faucet in your favorite and comfortable flow for washing kitchen appliances. To make the flow monitoring system easier, there is a two-way diverter with this faucet. 

If you have a lot to wash in a short time, you can use the pre-rinse spray system along with the standard spray. In fact, this faucet is called as the best pre-rinse kitchen faucet around this price range. For the excellence in service and quality, it is one the most popular faucets on the market.

Highlighted Features

  • This faucet is made of sturdy stainless steel
  • Can be used for both commercial and residential purpose
  • Comes with a pull-down head with 360 degrees of swing
  • Has a flow control system with a two-way diverter
  • Excellent aesthetic design with chrome finish


  • Well known for its reliable and stable performance
  • This faucet has a very high end built quality to last longer
  • The 360-degree swivel makes cleaning comfortable
  • Comes with flow control to use it in different purposes
  • Very flexible faucet for using easily in the kitchen
  • Smart and stylish design makes it a very attractive choice


  • Price of this Kraus KPF-1602SS faucet is on the higher side
  • The spray power of the faucet is little lower to some consumers

Moen 7594SRS Arbor Kitchen Faucet

The Moen is a big name and is among the high-end faucet brands in the market. It is famous for keeping their highest standard in providing great faucets. The Moen 7594SRS Arbor model is one of their popular items. This faucet is an exceptional kitchen appliance with reliable quality and design. You will love the built quality and design of this product. The stylish look will grab attention. With a stainless steel finish and artistic design, it can fit into any kinds of kitchen. Along with the stainless steel finish, you can get black, chrome and bronze finish as well.

People also find this faucet very sturdy with durable capacity and best for long-term use. The spot resistance of the steel finish makes it last longer than mediocre faucets. The Moen 7594SRS Arbor Faucet is known because of its user-friendly as well as flexible properties.

This is a product that will surely offer exceptional features to every household needs. I like this faucet especially for the easiness of its action. The company made it with high-arc pull-down faucet as well as elegant stainless features. There is reflex down system present in this product which makes it easy to pull out. Moreover, this feature of Moen Arbor also provides you with easy movement, safe operation and at the same time secure docking.

There are three function sprayers present in this product. These are “pause,” powerful rinse as well as aerated stream. The other components of Moen 7594SRS Arbor are composed of durable materials.

This makes the item good for long-lasting use. The length is the ideal length you are searching for in a kitchen faucet. This will definitely provide you with comfortable use. No wonder why this is recommended by many house owners who have tried so many faucets for kitchen and yet to find the best one.

Highlighted Features

  • Modern design with a stainless finish
  • Comes with high arc spout for better clearance
  • Has a Spot Resisted stainless resists design?
  • Comes with limited years’ warranty
  • Has a reflex system for flawless operation
  • Can be installed through three or one hole


  • Durable construction with metal
  • Stylish and modern design enhance the beauty of kitchen
  • Comes with a easy single handle operation 
  • The spout swivels  with 360 degrees swing give better access


  • Weight of this faucet is on the heavier side

Kohler K-596-CP Simplice Kitchen Faucet

The Kohler K-596-CP Simplice Faucet is one of the top class faucets for its elegant looking traditional high arched design with great ergonomics and functionality. This is one of the high end faucets for the stylish looking kitchen. It provides an innovative and stylish faucet solution for a wide variety of kitchen sink activities. So, if you have a modern looking kitchen, then you will be very happy with this stylish and beautiful faucet.

I found the Kohler Forte faucet model very easy to install. Also, the pull out hose is counterbalanced by a metal weight, so there is very little to go wrong, and installation is straightforward. The solid button which switches the sprayed from spray to stream was a feature which I am very pleased with. You will also love that there was plenty of height clearance to accommodate even their largest pots and pans in the sink.

The pull-down Simplice sprayed on this top class Kohler faucet features spray, aerated flow and also a handy pause function. The spray head is controlled by solid buttons which are sculpted and provide a good reliable grip and provide you with good control even when your hands are wet and slippery as they often are when using the kitchen sink. Therefore, using this faucet will ease your cleaning of kitchen appliances.

This Kohler kitchen sink faucet only requires a single hole for fitting for less counter clutter. If you wish to fit it to a sink which has more than one hole, then the base attractively covers any extra sink holes. This is a far more preferable alternative to using unsightly blanker plates.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with high-quality materials for durability and reliability.
  • This faucet resists tarnishing and corrosion.
  • Has a Master Clean spray face that resists the build-up of minerals.
  • Very easy to operate and clean
  • High-temperature limit stop
  • Convenient design with pull-down spray head
  • Comes with lifetime warranty


  • The faucet is sturdy with high end material 
  • Comes with a quality valve functioning that lasts longer
  • The pull down spray head makes cleaning very easy
  • Has lifetime warranty for cleaning in peace
  • Beautiful design to fit in all kinds of kitchen


  • Built quality could have been better to last longer

Delta 9192T-SSSD-DST Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Delta is one of reputable America’s Faucet company for a long time. This company well known for premium made faucet with high-quality material and technology. They always deliver great products to their consumers. The Delta 9192T-SSSD-DST  is one of the most popular kitchen faucets available on the market for its versatile features and quality build-up.

You can turn the water on or off easily just by touching any part of the handle or faucet with Deltas 9192T. This is one of the great features, and It’s more sanitary. You also can save fresh water by stopping the water temporarily using your back hand, and you don’t need to turn the handle manually. Simple and clean process plus prevent spreading of bacteria.

You can also save your fresh water with this electronic sensor. This faucet model has a hands-free on/off activation and lets you conserve water in your home. Sometimes faucet cleaning can get hazardous. Well, not with Delta 9192T-SSSD-DST. Cleaning the item is really easy with included rubber spray holes on the faucet. You only do a touch of a finger to wipe away materials such as calcium or lime.

I was really surplice with the great build quality of this product. This product comes with a Diamond Seal Technology, which is developed with this material. Delta 9192-SSSD-DST Addison uses the tough diamond coating for its valve and enables the faucet to be used up to five million uses and prevent metal contaminants contact with water inside your faucet. With the sturdy built, the faucet is more durable, and it lasts ten times longer than the industry standard.

Also, I am pretty sure you will like the powerful integrated magnet of this faucet. It will keep the faucet pull-down spray wand firmly in its place, and when not in use, it will stay docked. Delta 9192-SSSD-DST Addison comes with a soap dispenser. You don’t need to keep liquid soap or lotion bottles on your counter. Give more space for your kitchen area.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with Touch2O Technology
  • Can save water with hands-free on/off feature
  • Sturdily made with Diamond Seal Technology
  • Keep the wand in place with MagnaTite Docking
  • Modern design will fit in any kitchen


  • Modern and stylish design looks beautiful in kitchen
  • The Diamond seal technology makes it durable 
  • Has MagnaTite Docking to keep the wand in place 
  • Hands free on and off feature saves water 
  • Has some excellent features to makes cleaning easy


  • Some users complain about the touch system

Danze D455158SS Parma Single Handle Stainless Steel Faucet

The Danze D455158SS Faucet has a crisp looking minimalist design. It is perfectly suited for those who are looking for an aesthetically pleasing and stylish looking faucet for a contemporary kitchen. Although you won’t find any lacking in other features in this item, you will be pleased with the exceptional design with curves and edges of it.  This faucet model from Danze is available in either a stainless steel or chrome finish. The Danze D455158SS Parma Single Handle Pre-Rinse Faucet will give your kitchen a modern look.

I like the features of this kitchen item. It has two modes to make your cleaning easier. The spray and aerated stream and are operated by a single lever handle to make using it comfortably. You can use both of them and change them easily according to your need.

This facility will make cleaning comfort at its best. Also, I was amazed by the built quality of this Danze Faucet. It is among the best solid brass kitchen faucets that doesnt lack the design.  They are sturdy enough to provide service for a long time. The ceramic disc valve provides ultimate ease with smooth turning. It also prevents drips during washing.

The spout measures 22-3/4 inches high and 10 inches long. A ceramic disc valve is used in the Danze Parma Faucet, which ensures smooth operation and drip-free performance. It also features a spring action wand which returns back into place after you have used it. So, you don’t have to worry about pushing the valve back to stop the water.

Danze has a well-earned reputation for producing high-quality kitchen and bathroom faucets with a high level of craftsmanship as revealed by the overall fit, finish, and design of this model of  Danze Company. 

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with a dramatic modern appearance
  • Ceramic disc valve provides smooth turning
  • The Smooth valve provides drip free performance
  • Two function spray includes aerated and stream spray
  • Spout is 22 3/4-inches high and 10-inches long
  • Spring-action wand returns back automatically
  • Meets ADA requirements.
  • Has a limited lifetime warranty


  • Modern and sleek design for the beautiful kitchens
  • Solid, heavy duty and high quality construction
  • Comes with a low price despite of its packed features
  • Saves water with auto-returning Spring-action wand


  • The spray head is made with plastic

Delta Savile 19949-SSSD-DST Single Handle Pull-Down Faucet

The Delta is the most reliable kitchen faucet brand for their high quality design, quality and features. And no wonder, why this brand is so popular  for so long time in USA. The Delta Savile 19949-SSSD-DST Single Handle Pull-Down Faucet comes complete with a soap dispenser and has a stainless finish.

This Delta faucet model has a very stylish look and is also very solidly constructed from quality materials. It is backed up by Delta’s lifetime faucet and finish warranty. So, using it for a long time would not be any problem.

This faucet utilizes Delta’s Diamond Seal technology which means the valve and waterways are designed to last up to ten times longer than the industry standard. The water in the faucet is not in contact with potential metal contaminants, so it is lead-free. The Diamond valve and one-piece supply lines also help to ensure a leak-free operation.

The spout has a 360-degree rotation so you can access any area of the kitchen sink. The spout has a high-arc which provides you with extra clearance for washing and filling deep pots and pans.

The pull-down spray wand has a stainless steel braided hose which pulls down easily, and the weighted gravity feed allows the hose to return to the docked position. The last half-inch of hose return uses Delta’s MagnaTite docking system which has received positive reviews from many customers. This engages the wand to its docked position and keeps it securely in place.

There is a button on the pull-down sprayer which switches the flow of water through the spray head from aerated stream to spray.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with stainless steel construction 
  • Has MagnaTite docking system to keep faucet in place
  • It has Long lasting DIAMOND Seal Technology
  • Features a touch-clean spray holes 
  • The sink installation options has 1 to 4 holes 
  • The spout offers 360-degree free rotation


  • Excellent built quality and longevity 
  • Amazing design with stainless steel finish 
  • MagnaTite system keeps it in place after usage
  • Very easy to use for cleaning big and small alliances


  • No major disadvantages found in this product

American Standard 4175.300.002 Colony Soft Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

The American Standard 4332.350.075 Pekoe Semi-Professional Single Control Kitchen Faucet is a pull-down spray swivel spout with swing arm and brass body unit that is function and sleek design all in one product. This model is inspired by commercial kitchens and built for kitchens of serious cooks who demand quality and function without giving up the compliments of guests and visitors to busy kitchens.

The best qualities of this american standard faucets models are that it is easy to install, made of superior quality and is a thing of beauty in any types of kitchens. American Standard 4332.350.075 is a well-respected name and a company that stands behind the products they manufacture and sell.

The price is not low but the product isn’t either, and if consumers look around offline and online they are sure to find it selling at some good deals. Several consumers love the fact that it looks beautiful with granite/quartz counter-tops and compliments the kitchen.

Consumers also mentioned that it was easy to install and the quality of the kitchen faucet was beyond the expectations. Chefs and cooks appreciate the drip-free performance and smooth handle control as well as function even in hard-water conditions.

The Pekoe Semi-Professional American Standard faucet is made of durable brass construction, ceramic disc valve, pull-down sprayer and an ADA-approved metal lever handle all with a Lifetime Function and Finish Limited Warranty from American Standard.

Highlighted Features

  • Professional level design and functionality
  • Corrosion, tarnish and scratch resistant
  • Lifetime drip-free performance
  • Lifetime Function and Finish Limited Warranty
  • Available in Polished Chrome and Stainless Steel


  • Durable construction quality for long life
  • Comes with life time warranty 
  • Makes cleaning easier with pull down spray
  • Excellent design for heavy cleaning of kitchen items


  • Sometimes the hose does’n retract smoothly

Moen 7594ESRS Arbor High Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

Moen 7594ESRS Arbor is known because of its user-friendly as well as flexible properties. This is a faucet that will surely offer exceptional features to every household needs. I especially love the spot resistance design and easy to use an option of this excellent faucet. You can easily trigger the water using the Motion Sense feature of this product.

The Moen 7594ESRS Arbor High Arc Pulldown Faucet is made with high-arc pull-down as well as elegant stainless features. There is reflex down system present in this product which makes it easy to pull out. Moreover, this feature of  this moen touchless faucet also provides you with easy movement, safe operation and at the same time secure docking.

There are two function sprayers present in this product. These are steady rinse as well as aerated stream. The other components of Moen 7594ESRS product are composed of durable materials. This makes the item good for long lasting use.

So, you do not have to worry about buying another faucet in a year if you are using this. With the easy usability, Moen takes less time in cleaning with its special force feature. So, it will also save your time along with making it easy. This is the best touchless kitchen faucet according to some kitchen enthusiasts for its excellent design along with the superior technology. 

The 68 inches’ hose length will provide excellent man verity for cleaning big items. I have a tendency to arrange family parties regularly and have to clean big dishes occasionaly. And this faucet makes the whole cleaning easier than ever. 

The length is the ideal length you are searching for in a faucet. This will definitely provide you with comfortable use. No wonder why this is recommended by many house owners who has tried so many faucet models before.

Highlighted Features

  • It is made with a sturdy stainless finish.
  • Comes with high-quality design
  • This kitchen faucet also comes with high arc spout
  • Comes with limited time warranty
  • Easy installation with Duralock system


  • MotionSense allows controlling it with hand gestures
  • High quality design makes it durable and lasting
  • The high arc spout helps to clean big items
  • Installation of this faucet is very easy 
  • Does not require over maintenance 


  • Need to adjust the temperature mixing valve from time to time

Delta 980T-SSSD-DST Pilar Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

This Delta faucet is not just a simple item according to its design and uses. It also has some top class feature as well. This  faucet will provide you with the chance to save water and at the same time limit the spreading of bacteria and other organisms present. This comes with easy to handle pull down features that will make this faucet easier to handle. The package comes with a soap dispenser.

Aside from easy to use features of the product, the Delta 980T-SSSD-DST Pilar Faucet also comes with a sleek design. The product is durable. This means that the item will last longer as based on the other items that you will find in the market. With just a simple touch, you can operate it easily.

Apart from knowing the features of Delta 980T SSSD faucet, it is also important that you will know some of the positive sides of the item. One of the aces of this item is that it is easy to use. Even the young members of the family will not find it hard to use the product.

This is brought to you by the integrated easy to use properties of the item. You will also like the durability of it. This will continuously provide features to your family twice longer as based from the other faucets available. The easy to control and seal features of the product is also one of its best. This allows you to close the opening immediately saving water and energy. Not to mention that the price of the product is also the best.

There is no mess that you will experience in using this product. This also comes with a diamond coating which will even last for longer years. In addition to that, this is also built with an electronic valve for even convenient and simpler use. This is one of the most amazing properties which make the item a lot recommended for you.

Highlighted Features

  • Delta 980T-SSSD-DST Pilar is made fusing technology
  • It has a feature for saving energy and water
  • This comes with competent handle or spout
  • Allows you to stop the flow of water instantly
  • The product is made with MagnaTite spray head docking
  • This kitchen faucet comes with a limited warranty
  • Constructed with heavy duty material


  • Excellent design for modern looking kitchen
  • Has four minutes auto shutdown option
  • Simple one touch option makes cleaning easy
  • Has a soap dispenser with the faucet
  • Has MagnaTite docking


  • Price is on the higher side

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Faucets: Buying Guide

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Faucets: Buying Guide

A woman spends an enormous amount of time in the kitchen. She may be preparing a dinner, cleaning the glasses or making the favorite meal for kids. Whatever the reason is, she is spending a great art of life in the kitchen. And we all know how important is a faucet to a kitchen. So, it is evident that you should have the right faucet for your kitchen.

Sometimes, it can get difficult to understand the important features for the faucet. This happens because of the heavy marketing of the different faucet companies. But it is important to review these features and to make the decision on what you should have in your faucet model. Our faucet reviews and guide will ensure your knowledge on the features, qualities and all the important aspects of faucets. Let’s find out.

How many holes are there in your sink?

If you already own a faucet and want to replace it with a new one, then you should check out the number of holes in your product model. Check out the how many holes are there with your favorite faucet. Item with the same number of holes will fit properly in your current sink. You can find this information in the kitchen faucet review section.

Most of the traditional faucets use three holes. One hole is used for the spout; one is for taps and one for the sprayer. Some of the old faucets that have soap dispenser may use other requirements as well. Check out this feature; otherwise, you may feel problem in setting up the faucet in the sink. 

If you are setting up a new kitchen, then you should not bother with the fitting of holes. Then you can focus only on what you need. There are single-hole, two hole, three hole and four-hole faucets available on the market. So you have a wide range of faucets to choose. Read our faucet reviews section and choose the one you like.

Sprayer Kind of the Faucet

It is one of the major aspects, as it controls the spray. You need to understand your need properly before choosing the perfect sprayer fit for your kitchen. Do you have a big family? Do you need to wash a lot of items in a quick session? Or, do you need everything neat and clean?

There are three kinds of sprayers that are used in the faucets. Pulldown, pull out and side spray. The pulldown faucets provide flexibility by pulling down towards the sink. The Pullout faucets are best for bigger items. You can also choose side sprays as well.

Some of the sprayers will provide lots of water, and some have a design to control it with minimum usage. If you want to save utility and water, then you should focus on buying a facet with this kind of sprayer. If you are looking to clean quickly, then you can focus on a faucet that lets you do it.

Size and Kind of the Sink

The size of the sink is another important part, which you cannot ignore. You know best about your kitchen and appliances. You know the size of the item you usually clean with the faucet. If the kitchen items are big and tall, then you need a faucet that will easily let clean these bigger items. A tall faucet with curved neck will be the perfect match for your kitchen in this case. So, you should consider high arc faucet models for kitchen.

If you aren’t worried about the bigger size of the kitchen items, then you can choose other low arc faucets with a compact design. Our review on the faucet brands provides information about the neck size, and you can easily understand you need from that.

Filter of the Faucet

If you are looking for safer water, then you need a proper filtration of water. You can use the filter with the faucet to have clean water for your appliances. So, it is important to consider the filtration feature with the faucet. Check out, if the faucet has the option to install a filter or it requires external attachments. If taking the safety seriously, then it is one of the most important aspects for you.

Some of the top faucet brands provide built-in filter with the faucet. They will make sure; you have the safest water for not only cleaning but also drinking.

Design and Built Quality

If you set an old fashioned faucet in your modern looking kitchen, then that will not only look old but also will be less comfortable for your kitchen cleaning. The modern taps have the versatility to help you with advanced technology. They are built in with a design that fits in a kitchen properly with enhancing the aesthetic.

Most of the best high end faucet brands focus on the design and provide excellent looking faucets nowadays. You just need to ensure the color and check if it matches perfectly in your kitchen before buying one.

Also, you need to make sure the faucet can last an extended period. So, built quality is crucial as well. Check out the built quality of the product from the review section and then determine, if you are going to buy it or not.

Style of the Faucet

Style of the Faucet

There are more than ten models of faucets with various features and qualities. With the variation of pull-down, pull-up and side spray faucet, you choose a single handle and two handle faucet as well. The single handle faucet will let you open and control the water with a single hand. Two handle kitchen taps will let you control water with one hand and temperature with other. Two-handle faucets are better if you want cold or hot water for cleaning.

Also, you will find some of the wall mount faucets as well. This faucet sets on a wall instead of the sink. There are also pot filter and water filter faucet for commercial and home usage. Pot filter faucet has long “tap” to fill it with water itself. The faucets with water filter will provide clean and safe water for cleaning and drinking purpose.

The variation in style, filtration, and mounting system allows different users to choose their best fit considering their need. You need to understand your requirement, and then you can buy the perfect kitchen faucet according to your choice.

Final Thoughts

If you are struggling to find out quality faucet that could be not only affordable and durable but also good looking, then you could find all the information here that would make your process of finding out the best kitchen faucet for your home easy. Really, if you have never bought any faucet earlier, you would have no idea what to look before buying a faucet. Here, you would find out the kitchen faucet reviews that would help you out.

You cannot judge a product and know its pros and cons until you use it, but users’ reviews can inform you better about any product. All the reviews of faucets are analyzed and represented here after knowing pros and cons of the various types of well-known kitchen faucets. Additionally, nowadays various types of technologies have been merged with faucets that make them easy to use and water efficient.

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