Selecting Right Mounting Mechanism for the Kitchen Faucet

Selecting Right Mounting Mechanism for the Kitchen Faucet

Sometimes the wrong selection of the kitchen faucet provides you a great hassle in the installation process of the faucet. When there is a wide variety according to your need, why to take extra pangs unnecessarily? If you don’t understand the right mounting mechanism, it’ll cause you thousands of problem in the setup process.

Moreover, you might need to alter even the whole sink due to the wrong selection. So, you need to understand the mounting mechanism before choosing a kitchen faucet perfectly.

Choosing The Right Mounting Mechanism for the Kitchen Faucet

Choosing The Right Mounting Mechanism for the Kitchen Faucet

It’s fine for those who want to install the new faucet and the countertop together. But for the existing kitchen and the sink, it makes a great difference. So know it well before choosing the wrong one.

Understanding the Sinkhole Numbers at First

The sink can accommodate the faucet and other accessories depending on the number of holes. Usually, the sink has 1 to 5 holes. These are for components like-spouts, soap dispenser, handle, sprayer, etc.

There are various kinds of faucet with their difference in the sinkhole numbers. Most of the popular faucets does have single lever. Normally, the single lever faucet needs single hole installation.

Some of the other faucet have double levers. Normally, the double lever faucet requires 3 holes. But nowadays there is double handed variant that goes well with the single hole installation.

Understanding Mounting Mechanism

Understanding the right mounting mechanism is very important to have proper kitchen faucet for your home. There are different kinds of faucets with various mechanism. Find out about these faucets here:

Deck Plate Faucets

Deck Plate Faucets

If you want to choose the most commonly chosen mounting mechanism, then it’s deck plate. Deck plate is a nice looking simple plate placed at the base of the faucet. It offers a modernistic look. Deck plate faucets are great for new stylish kitchen with a modern look.   

With the deck plate faucet, you can install a single hole kitchen faucet covering other 2 to 3 holes if presents beneath. It’s most convenient when you’re replacing your old double lever faucet with a single lever faucet.

Besides, you don’t need extra holes for soap dispenser as already it’s integrated with the deck plate. So, being completely modern and stylish, the deck plate faucet has some benefits as well.

Companies: Most of the popular and leading companies like American Standard, Geyser, DELTA, Krowne, Danze, have Deck Plate Faucets.

Positive- easy installing faucet and feasible for any kind of kitchen sink except the wall mounting. So, most of the kitchen savvy loves these kinds of faucets for their modern looking kitchens.

Negative– You can’t adjust on the small kitchen and flat surface on the sink for installation. So, if you have small kitchens, the deck plate faucets will not possibly suit in it. But, most of the kitchens are perfect for these faucet types.

Non-Deck Plate Faucets

Deck Plate Faucets

It doesn’t have deck plates at the base. Hence, each part like- side spray, soap dispenser, etc. are installed separately along with the faucet. They’re directly set on the sinkholes. So before buying you need to ensure that how many holes are there in the sink. 

One of the main reasons people love Non-Deck Plate Faucets is they do not have to clean the deck or clean around the deck plate. These faucets look clean and nice.

Companies: Most of the popular and leading companies like American Standard, Geyser, DELTA, Danze, have Non-Deck Plate Faucets.

Positive-  it doesn’t need the flat surface of the sink for installing. Each part can be easily replaced as they were installed separately. Also, the kitchen faucet looks really compact and clean.

Negative- The wear on each part will be more. The installation process is tougher than the deck-plate faucet. So, you need to consider this issue before buying a Non-Deck Plate Faucet.

Wall Mounting Faucets

It’s mounted on the wall. So it offers the minimalistic look of the kitchen faucet. The wall mounting faucets hang on the wall without any help form the kitchen sinks. It doesn’t have any connection with the kitchen sink.

Wall Mounting Faucets

It’s wall mounted which is fitted above the sink on the wall. This type of kitchen is mainly suitable for the sink with no holes. Moreover, you can ensure the larger working space for cleaning in the sink.

Companies: Although wall mounting faucets aren’t very popular in kitchens, but lots of popular companies like American Standard, Geyser, DELTA, Danze Faucet, have Wall Mounting Faucets.

Positive- Wall mounting faucets are really easy to use and clean. You can easily fill large pots or container.

Negative- Most of the wall mounting faucets have the looks more like the bathroom faucet. It doesn’t give a good outlook for the kitchen faucet.

Final Thoughts on Selecting Right Mounting Mechanism

Choosing the right kinds of faucets depending on mounting mechanism is an easy job if you understand the type, style and the size of your kitchen. If you have compact kitchen, then you should choose wall mounting or Non-Deck Plate Faucets.

If you do not have any problems with size and have modern looking kitchens, then Deck Plate Faucets are perfect for you. Also these faucets are easier to install and use. Consider all the aspects before choosing from the Non-Deck Plate Faucets, Deck Plate Faucets and Wall Mounting Faucets.

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