Understanding Kitchen Faucet Functions and Features

Understanding the Kitchen Faucet Functions and Features?

You need to know the features and kitchen faucet functions precisely to determine actually what you need for your kitchen decor! Also, the kitchen faucet is becoming major aspects of a kitchen. Hundreds of companies and brands are now focusing on providing different kitchen faucets.

When you’re getting thousands of variety for the kitchen faucet, it gets tough to pick the right one for you. So, you can easily be confused on choosing the right kitchen faucet for your kitchen.

That’s why you need proper ideas on the functions and features of the faucets. Also, knowing the features and functions of kitchen faucets will help you to use the product properly. With the kitchen faucet reviews, this guide will be a perfect friend for anyone, who is looking for buying a faucet.

How to Understand Kitchen Faucet Functions and Features?

How to Understand Kitchen Faucet Functions and Features?

If you understand the features of a faucet, then you can compare different products, knowing which one is perfect for you. Our article will guide you through various aspects of a kitchen faucet, and let you decide perfectly in choosing a faucet.

Choosing Color and Finishing of the Faucet

People live in style in this modern age. They want designs to sooth the eyes. It also lets you feel healthy in a proper environment. Kitchen faucets come in different color and designs.

Some standard finishes and colors that are available in the today’s market are nickel, chrome, polished brass, oil-rubbed bronze, black, white, stainless steel, brushed nickel, etc. Just remember, the same finishing from the different manufacturers varies. It won’t exactly match with each other. Like, if you are a stainless steel fan, you can choose the Delta 9192T-SSSD kitchen faucet for its shiny finish.

You need to check the design of your kitchen before choosing the faucet. Also, buy from the same collection, if you’re looking for the accessories for the perfect match.

Understanding the Lever of Faucets

Comprehending the lever of faucets is critical. There are different kinds of faucets that have different numbers of the lever in it. You need to know about it perfectly and then have a consideration of choosing the faucet.

Single lever Units

Single lever Units

This faucet has a single lever, handle or button to supply water through the plumbing into the sprayers or spout. Therefore, it needs a single hole or double hole depending on the controlling of the water temperature. Most of the single handle faucets like VIGO Edison Single Handle Faucet will have this function. 

Again some come with the extra base plate so that it can cover the additional holes. If you want to integrate dispenser or sprayer, you can remove the base plate later on. This is one of major kitchen faucet functions you need to consider before buying.

Double lever Units

With the help of this double-lever or handle you can change the temperature of water manually. One lever for hot water and another one for cold water. You need three different holes for installing the faucet.

The lever may be integrated with the faucet or rest at their deck plate.

Understanding the Types of Spout

There are two kinds of faucets based on the spout feature. These are the standard arc spout faucet and the high arc spout faucet.

Standard spout

The standard spout can do a decent job at most times. It rises 3” to 5” above the sink and 10” away from the mounting point. It fits well in the compact kitchen. So, if you have a small kitchen and don’t have many spaces for the faucet, then this should be a good choice. You can clean most of the items properly with this kitchen faucet.

But, if you want to have more spaces to clean bigger and taller item, then standard spout will not do the job perfectly. You will then need a high arc spout. The mounting mechanism of a kitchen faucet can be different from others.

High arch spout

The spout is one of the major kitchen faucet functions and features. If you have a high arc spout faucet, then you can get a better access in the appliances for an improved cleaning.


High arc spout can accommodate bigger pots and clean them perfectly. It rises to a height of 8” to 10” and can rotate from 90 to 180 degrees. It fits well in the bigger kitchen.

Understanding the Sprayer

There are three kinds of sprayer heads in kitchen faucets. These are pull-out, pull-down, and side sprayer head.

Pull-out sprayer head

It’s the sprayer with handle. It remains curved or angled to let the head come easily from the spout. You can even extend the sprayer over the sink according to your need during cleaning sessions. Some are provided with the stop button over the head to control the water flow or to change the flow pattern.

You can get this kind of sprayer with the single lever unit.  It makes your work faster, easier and smoother. You can clean the dishes or fill the pot easily and comfortably.

Pull-down sprayer head

The head of this sprayer is faced down. It’s the integrated part of the spout. So, you need to pull down the sprayer from the spout head into the sink. It’s available both in the single and double lever.

Pull-out sprayer head

Besides, you’ll see a pause button over the head for changing the flow pattern.

Side Sprayer head

It’s placed on the side of the faucet separately. It needs a separate hole in the sink. You can move the head and use it according to the need. The best part of this prayer is that it adds an extra feature to the already existing faucet.

Here the water from the plumbing line flows to the kitchen into the hole of this sprayer. Thus, make the cleaning easier and faster.

Final Thought

I hope our guide on understanding the kitchen faucet functions and features will help you to buy a perfect kitchen faucet for your home and kitchen. Also, you will have better ideas in maintaining the faucet.

You will now know which features and functions to look at when buying a kitchen faucet. You can easily look at the functions like lever units, sprayer head, spout, etc. And then decide if it is the right faucet for you or not.

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