VIGO VG02007ST Pull Down Spray Kitchen Faucet Review

VIGO VG02007ST Pull Down Spray Kitchen Faucet Review

If you’re seeking for the best design and highest quality material kitchen faucet, you can undoubtedly rely on the VIGO VG02007ST Pull Down Spray Kitchen Faucet. This kitchen faucet is becoming very famous for the excellent construction and easy use and installation.

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This kitchen faucet is also known for providing spiral pull-down spray head. So, you will be not only happy with the option to clean larger bowl, but also be amazed at the look.

VIGO is one of the fast growing kitchen product in the world. They’re a high design for every home. And kitchen faucet is one of their most prominent items. So, when you buy a kitchen faucet from the VIGO, you can be certain about quality. You can witness it by using the product.

VIGO VG02007ST Kitchen Faucet Review

 The VIGO VG02007ST Pull Down Spray Kitchen Faucets is durable and have a sturdy construction with stainless steel coating. It has powerful Pull-down spray head with 360-degree swivel option. Besides, the company offers a limited lifetime warranty which is easy to handle and ensure drip-free use.

Easy installation

The installation of the VIGO VG02007ST PULL DOWN SPRAY KITCHEN FAUCET is easy and simple one. It’s single-hole installation. So, you don’t have to suffer the struggle of installing two or three-hole faucets.

It has ⅜” standard US plumbing connections. All the mounting hardware and hot /cold water lines come with the delivery. It’s easy, but if you’re not confident enough, you can call for the professional assistance.

On the contrary, if you assemble by yourself, take some time to digest the instruction, or you can end up with the wrong installation.

Sturdy and Durable Construction

You will be glad about the excellent built quality of this Vigo VG02007ST kitchen faucet. The faucet is made up of solid brass. So it’s sturdy and rigid. So, you can use it for a long time without any problem. It can endure a lot of water flows in regular days.

On the other hand, it’s durable at the same time. Due to the brass construction and well finished stainless steel coating, it resists rusting or the corrosion. The faucet also fights against tarnishing and mineral buildup. You won’t see any leakage during heavy usages.

Easy handling

Easy handling

When a modern faucet with new technology gets hard to understand or handle it properly, it comes with easy usability. I love this kitchen faucet for it user-friendly nature. So, the people of any age can handle it properly. You do not need to learn a lot getting used to this faucet.

The faucet has single lever control. It controls the water flow and the temperature. If you want hot or cold water, just you need to turn it downward or upward. On the other hand, to activate the faucet pull out the lever. For the aerated flow, the faucet has different pot filler.

Pull-down Spray Head

The VIGO VG02007ST PULL DOWN SPRAY KITCHEN FAUCET has spiral and pull-down spray head. Because of the swivel option, you can swing the spray head to 360-degree angle according to your work need. This feature gives the excellent opportunity to clean the kitchen appliances easily.

The swing is flexible due to the spiral coil. You can control the water flow from here also. If you want a steady flow, push the lever attached to the head spray more. On the other hand, for less flow, press the lever lightly.

The swinging ability of the faucet adds a unique feature to this VIGO PULL DOWN SPRAY KITCHEN FAUCET.

Cartridge for Drip-Free Use

Cartridge for Drip-Free Use

Most of the time it can be very hard to keep things perfect if your kitchen faucet has a leakage problem. Water getting out of the pipe can make things worse during busy work schedule. Well, this kitchen faucet will not cause any problems like this.

The company uses ceramic disc cartridge to eliminate the dripping problem. Thus, it minimizes the water waste and water leaking through the faucet.  You will also be happy with the neat and clean atmosphere in the kitchen.

Certified and limited lifetime warranty

It’s certified by NSF-372, CALGreen, cUPC, AB1953, CEC, NSF-61. So I think you can rely on the quality of this kitchen faucet. Besides, at VIGO, they guarantee the excellence in manufacturing and ensure customer confidence.

They aim to exceed the customer’s’ standard. They’re offering a lifetime warranty for the limited period. So grab the opportunity as soon as possible.


  • The kitchen faucet comes with excellent built quality
  • Very easy to install this faucet
  • Using this kitchen faucet is a piece of charm
  • You can enjoy drip free use of with this faucet
  • Have excellent flexibility with the pull-down spray head
  • Cleaning is very easy with the VIGO VG02007ST
  • Excellent design to set in modern looking kitchen
  • Comes with limited warranty
  • Have certificates like NSF-372, CALGreen, cUPC


  • Some of the users complained about the bigger size of this faucet

Final Thought

Although, some of the users think the faucet is too big for small kitchen sinks, most of the others don’t have any problem with its size. The kitchen faucet is very smart in design and comes with some superb features. You will love the flexibility of 360-degree swivel. The long faucet is perfect if you have to clean bigger pots.

I love the drip free feature of the VIGO VG02007ST Pull Down Spray Kitchen Faucet. It does not get any leakage, so the kitchen remains neat and clean. Also, installing and using the faucet will impress you.

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