Best Blenders for Smoothie Bowls

Best Blenders for Smoothie Bowls, Thick Acai, Vitamix Reviews

If you consider looking at all the appliances in your kitchen, you might be surprised to see that the blender is the most versatile and the most used tool in your kitchen. If you think about it, you start your day with a nice smoothie using your blender.

A fine glass of smoothie is never a smoothie if it is not smooth enough. Many features and properties in a blender ensure that the smoothie is smooth and all the ingredients are broken into small pieces, and the blending job is nicely done.

The price range of a bender starts from fifty dollars, and that can go high as thousands of dollars. We will be reviewing some of the best blenders to make your smoothies smoother than ever.

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Reviews of the Best Blenders for Smoothie Bowls

Best Blenders for Smoothie Bowls

Are you looking for a blender that can make an acai bowl, smoothie bowl, juicer for fruits and vegetables, or soft thick hot soup vegetables? Here are reviews of the top-class smoothie-making blenders with high performance and useful features.

We have reviewed the top-class items for making smoothies, acai, ice cream, hot soups and made a list of the top grade blender list with our honest reviews. So check them out for choosing your best match.

Vitamix E310 Explorian – Best Vitamix Blender for Overall

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This is one of the most iconic mixers of all time. The price range might be on the expensive side, but the value you will get is worth every penny. There is nothing this blender can not blend. This might be the best blender for smoothies and ice and almost anything you want.

What makes it the best Vitamix smoothie blender?

What makes it the best overall blender, along with the best Vitamix, is that the bow maker comes with the best speed setting, blade quality, and powerful motors.

The most amazing thing you will be surprised to see is the power. The power dial is the classic thing here, and this is super dynamic. With maximum velocity, you can easily crush through anything. You can even use dry almonds that have not been soaked. Frozen fruits will be destroyed into small pieces.

Even kales with thick fibres easily get crashed narrowly. The fin part about the smoothies you get from this is that you will not detect what ingredients you have used in that.

This is one of the best easy to clean bowl maker on the market with the self-cleaning option. In addition, it is dishwater safe so that you can use dish soap for hassle-free cleaning.

Another big thing about the jar is that it has a vortex design. Because of the design, the ingredients and the liquids fall right onto the blades that are razor sharp. In addition, the blades are made of stainless steel, which is promising for long-term usage.


  • Powerful blender for blending bow acai
  • Makes perfect texture from blending fruits and vegetables
  • You will find aftermarket jars and containers
  • Super nice built quality
  • It can be cleaned with warm water
  • Powerful blenders to make whole family acai bowls
  • Has no complex controls, and anyone can use this easily


  • The container does not lock on the adapter with clicks
  • You can not wash this in your dishwasher

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Blendtec – Classic 575 – Best Blender for Shakes

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This is one step ahead of the last one as it has more to control and a display to show parameters. This is one of the professional smoothies that you will find in bars and cafes. The reason people call this the best mixer for smoothie bowls because it can operate for a very long time and still have the energy to crush harder than the most challenging stuff.

The jar you get in this blender package is not rounded, which is good for smoothies. You can throw anything frozen inside this in the morning, and this is going to crush it to the creams.

How this is considered as the best shake blenders for thick smoothie?

What makes it the best blenders for acai along with shakes is its variable speed control features along with a strong lid.

The blunt blade design is great for mixing liquids, and it creates a vortex in the middle section of the liquid that prevents unnecessary spread all around the walls of the container. So, using it as blenders for acai bowls, you will have no problem.

The stainless-steel forged blade of this blender is thicker than most other blenders for acai bowls and smoothies to deliver fast foods for the family. Also, this blender’s pre-programmed variable speed control will let you different pre-programmed cycles to crush ice, auto IQ, pulse functions, and many other features.

Because of the controls and electronics in this blender, you can call this the best smoothie bowl blender as it also has presets that make your work easy. For example, you can set the speed up for making ice flakes and the smoothest smoothie bowls with one tap.


  • Has a lot of controls to set everything easily
  • This has a led screen on the front to show how much time is left to blend
  • Easy to make acai bowls
  • The blades design is unique, and the blade design makes sense
  • The hardened stainless steel blades will last longer


  • Non-tactile buttons are not reliable for fast operation.

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Vitamix 7500 – Best Blender for Smoothies and Ice

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This is another best Vitamix for acai bowls as it has a compact container that still has the same power delivery as E310. However, you are only getting it in a smaller size and shape. You can also get a lot of accessories with the purchase. With the accessories like cup adapter and scrape, this is the best blender for milkshakes and smoothies for single persons.

You just have to throw all the ingredients in the cups and start the blender and screw the cup in. Then, without making any mess, you can quickly get a nice cup of smoothie, and you will not have to deal with the dishes any more than a cup.

This blender’s small and compact container for acai bowls is excellent for making sauces, dips, vegetable soups, and even chunky salsa. Despite being small and compact, you will get the trademark control knob to set the speed up at any point.

The overall quality is going to last a very long time for sure. Vitamix used metal in every place where the pressure is high. After running the mixer for a very long time, the motor stays cool for more bowls of smoothies.


  • This small and compact machine does not lack any power delivery
  • This acai bowl blender has all easy to use controls on the front
  • The motor runs smooth and silent for a very long time
  • This acai bowls blender reinforces metal parts on pressure points


  • The container lid design is not that efficient for fast operation.

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NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z – Best Blender for Smoothies

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This NutriBullet blender is a smoothie bowl blender powerful and still manages to have a compact form factor not to occupy an ample space on your kitchen counter. You can always keep this on your kitchen counter and use it whenever you want. The best thing about this blender is the accessories you get with the package.

What made this among the best smoothie blender?

The whole package has excellent value for the money as you get a cup for a mess-free smoothie experience.

If you consider the price, this might be the best cheap blender for smoothie bowls in this review. On the front, you will see four easy-to-press buttons for easy controls. The inclusion of a power button is excellent as it disconnects the whole electronic unit from the power source.

The jar design is super friendly, and this also has the vortex style design that ensures everything splattering around comes to the bottom where the blade is. The blade design is also well thought for fast operation.

Very easy to clean with a simple drop of dish soap and warm water. After blending even fruits and vegetables, you can quickly clean the juicer in a hassle-free way.

The most incredible thing about this blender is that all the containers and the lids are dishwasher-friendly. So you can throw soap and water in your dishwasher without any hesitations.


  • The motor and electronics on this blender is super powerful
  • Three precision speeds to make acai bowl and smoothies
  • The whole combo is a nice thing to have as it comes with a usable cup and lid
  • All the containers are dishwasher friendly


  • The blades get bland if you use too harsh ingredients like coffee beans, dry cashews.

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Hamilton Beach (58800) – Best Blender for Acai Bowls

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Hamilton Beach blender is one hell of a powerhouse. The incredible 1800 watt is what gives you the energy to blend everything into pieces. This is the best blender for thick smoothie bowls that comes with so much versatility. This is almost the professional-grade blender that you can even use in bars or cafes.

The most attractive feature of this blender is that clicky and clacky dial to set the speed. This has ten steps to set the power-up. But, it is straightforward to set the power-up. So, there won’t is any hassle for you to start this machine.

Also, the speed settings work perfectly to make your perfect bowls. You get a momentary start and stop button. The puls button right next to that is also great for you if you want instant snow.

While the lid is on and you want to add ingredients, you can use the hole on the lid that has a measuring cup as a small lid. This is great if you are that much concerned about measuring your ingredients just right.

The things you can grind in this blender are so many. If you want to stir up things in things while grinding, you can use the included tamper. You can prepare almost any dishes that need mixing and grinding.


  • Super powerful motor inside provides insane power delivery
  • You can use the pulse function at any variable speeds
  • The ten-speed option maximizes the versatility a lot
  • Variable speeds for making ice crush, acai bowls and shakes
  • Convenient well thought designs with tamper and measuring cup included


  • Cleaning the corners in the dishwasher is not that efficient.

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GoWISE USA GW22503 blender – Best Blender for Thick Smoothie

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If you want good blenders for smoothie bowls and do not want to spend a lot of money on them, this is the way to go. The price you have to pay on this is nothing compared to all the others, and you are still going to get great value for the money.

It has all the bells and whistles that you might expect from an expensive smoothie mixer. It has all the controls on the front, and the clicky clacky switch is excellent for lovely feedback while using it. You will see that it has a dampening pad that absorbs all the vibration transferring from the blades to the motor unit under the container. You will not see this on many expensive blenders.

The power delivery on this inexpensive is also excellent for the money. This is rated as a 1450 watt unit. So though this is not the full power, you still got plenty of power to crush all those ice and frozen fruits.


  • A very inexpensive smoothie bowl blender
  • Has great features and everything in the box
  • The whole unit is lightweight and portable
  • Great for first-time blender owner


  • The container walls are too thin for many hard and rough ingredients
  • Smoothies might have chunks that are not well chopped

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Ninja Professional (BL610) – Best Ninja Blenders for Smoothie Bowls

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If you have ever been to shop blenders, you must have heard the name of the ninja. BL610 is the best blender for milkshakes, acai bowls, and smoothies that many people consider for their home usage. All the design aesthetics and features are well thought, which serves a great deal for smoothie lovers.

The whole design has been well thought to give you the best experience of your life. It is smooth when taking the lid off and putting them on. It has a leaver and a button that has a satisfying click, and you can be sure that the lid is locked. As your smoothie is ready, you can easily pour the smoothie through the pour that almost no blender containers have here.

The blade design is super thoughtful here. It is a long blade that has six blades, and that reaches the top of the container. This blade can crush through anything, and that is done super fast. A glass o smoothie is only a matter of few seconds.

The controls on this mixer are straightforward, and that is some clicky buttons on the front. As you have done mixing, you can go through the container in your dishwasher, and you are done for the day.


  • Specially designed blades chop through anything very fast
  • The lid design is very well thought, and this is the perfect lid for blenders
  • Perfect for making acai bowls
  • Dishwasher safe blender
  • Overall quality feels nice and promising to last long


  • You have to cautious when handling the long twisted blade.

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How to Choose the Best Blender for Smoothie Bowls

How to Choose the Best Blender for Smoothie Bowls

As we have seen, many mixers have price variation from fifty to six hundred of dollars. This price difference also makes a huge difference in performances and the result of using the mixers.

Before you have finally decided what smoothie mixer you will choose to buy, you must consider several features in the machines and decide what you should buy. We will just go through a list of things we should keep in mind.

How powerful is the motor?

This is the first thing you look for in the spec sheet. The wattage of the machine will determine the power of a motor. The higher the wattage will be, the higher the power delivery will be.

Though the higher wattage motors will be more powerful, there are still factors of the motor power efficiency, motor type, motor resistance, and internal designs that make a lot of differences. So we will just talk about more of those here.

How the Blade is Designed

Almost every company that makes blenders have their design to make blades for their benders. The blade design makes a huge difference in performance. Because of the blade’s design, the juices will go up straight and create a vortex funnel that makes mixing fast and easy for you.

Also, make sure that these blades are easily removable, and you can take them off if the residue is too much.

Is the Container Big Enough?

In most cases, you will find containers that have a capacity of up to two litres. Of course, high-capacity containers are always welcomed to have in your collection. However, keep in mind that bigger containers will need more ingredients to mix inside.

Containers also have indication marks that determine how much liquid is in that container.

If you look for solutions, you will find cup containers easy and convenient for you to carry and use. Container quality along with dishwasher-friendly features will be a plus point for you.

What accessories can you get with the blender?

Accessories and more attachments will expand your needs and reduce the hassles of blending different ingredients if you get a tamper in the box, which will be great for you to blend by stirring. In addition, a scraper in the box will reduce food wastage significantly.

What is the Process of Preparation?

While you are attempting to prepare your smoothie in the morning after waking up, you most probably don’t want a lot of hassle while equipping your blender to power up. Therefore, the easy and fast, accessible lid design is a must-have for your kitchen appliance.

The Lid Design is for Smoothie and Acai Bowl

This part is kind of tricky. You don’t want the container lid to dangle and make a noise. Unfortunately, there is almost no friendly design that exists.

Either you have to choose the best acai blender with a decent lid design or a decent blender with a nice lid design. You should avoid any lid design that does ensure seals or have no clicks to confirm the seal.

Overall Built Quality

The overall built quality depends on the materials used, how thick the plastics are. You will get the idea of the overall built quality by looking at the spec sheet as well. So, when you buy the blender for acai bowls or smoothies, you should check the overall build quality.

Parts like stainless steel blades are a nice thing to have if you want to ensure the quality of the blades. In addition, stainless steel blades are going to last long.

Thick container walls are also a sign that this product is going to last a long time. After you have got the blender unboxed in front of you, you will get the idea of the overall built quality by the heft and smoothness.

Is it too noisy?

Back in the days, mixers used to be very loud, and that has changed a lot after many years of development n motor design and material choices. A blender is never going to be a quiet machine for sure. But you can still get the idea of how the blender sounds and if this sound is going to get worse over time or not.

Countertop Blender?

If you are looking for a countertop blender, then you should see it in the details of your acai bowl and smoothie blenders. Sometimes, a countertop blender gives an edge to make an acai bowl and smoothies. To use the variable speed, pulse functions, high-performance, high watt motors, sometimes countertop blenders are chosen.

If you are looking for that, check in the specification and review for these settings.

Are you getting it all in one package?

If you get the chance to get it all in one package, you should go for it. The accessories like tamper, small jars, and mugs are a nice addition to your blender setup. However, these attachments are going to be expensive if you purchase them separately.

People Also Asked on Smoothie Blenders

Do you need a special blender for smoothie bowls?

Do you need a special blender for smoothie bowls

You will not need special blenders if you are only targetting to have smoothies. But you have to keep in mind that the price differences will affect how these blenders perform.

You can still make decent smoothies using a fifty dollars lender. But the smoothie will not be that smooth, and the ingredients in that smoothie will not be broken into the smallest chunks.

But if you are planning to buy a blender where you can get the finest smoothy and more additional smoothie bowls, you can buy a blender that costs more than a hundred or five hundred dollars. So if you are purchasing any from our recommendations, you may get the value of what you are paying for.

How Can I Make my Smoothie Bowl Thicker?

The consistency always makes things taste and feel better in your mouth. Numerous people asked online about how they can make their smoothies thicker. The might be several reasons your smoothie is not being thick enough. We’ll try to mention ad correct some of them.

Frozen fruits are important.

The number one reason is that you are not using frozen fruits. Frozen fruits like strawberries and mangoes will affect viscosity. As you freeze fruit, that loses humidity, and it becomes slightly dried.

Moreover, the low temperature will affect the milk you have added to your smoothies. The broken pieces of frozen fruits will make the liquid part thick and more concentrated.

Use thick liquid milk as the base or use fewer liquids.

This is the trick you should use in the first place. If you have got your smoothies too liquid, you should not use many bowls of milk as liquids. Try to use less milk while making a smoothie. Some people even use water in smoothies. Try not to add water while preparing your smoothie.

If adding less milk is not giving you the taste you want, you can use thicker milk. High-density milk will be good enough to prepare smoothies for you and still taste nice and creamy.

Add dry ingredients to your smoothie.

Dry elements in powder form are a great hack if you want the liquid to be dense enough. You can add protein powder, chia seeds to add as dry elements.

The best solution here would be to add raw oats to your smoothie. Most people add oats to make smoothies thick and healthy.


As far we have talked about different blenders, it is easy to say that no blender unit is the perfect one. You have to see a blender from different perspectives. One might be high in price, but the money will have value afterwards. You can still buy an inexpensive unit, and that will make smoothie bowls for sure.

The units we mentioned here are all good blenders for smoothie bowls, and many professionals and household kitchen people still use them. All of these might not be the bang for your bucks but still serves the value for the price you are paying.

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