KOHLER K-596-CP Simplice Kitchen Faucet Review

KOHLER K-596-CP Simplice Pull-down Kitchen Faucet Review

If you are looking for a transitional looking kitchen faucet with high arc style? Are you looking for a cleaner that can make you work simpler in the kitchen? If yes, then you can surely try out the KOHLER K-596-CP Simplice Single-Hole Pull-down Kitchen Faucet. The faucet comes with a shiny styling finish that looks perfect in the beautiful kitchens.

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Kohler is a big name in the cleaning industry, and this K-596-CP Simplice model is one of their popular products. People loves this kitchen faucet for the user-friendliness and quality.

This simple kitchen doesn’t only beautify the aesthetic but also makes cleaning very comfortable. Thanks to its different sprays feature along with the high arc spout. It helps you to clean different sized items without any problem.

KOHLER K-596-CP Simplice Kitchen Faucet Review

This KOHLER K-596-CP Simplice Single-Hole Pull-down Kitchen Faucet is packed with features. Also, you will be amazed by its design and built quality. If you are interested in this Simplice kitchen faucet. Then you should read about the features carefully.

Stylish Simple Design to Fit in Perfectly

The kitchen faucet is designed with a simple shiny outlook. The faucet looks really charming in both modern looking and traditional kitchens. With the steel outer finish, the faucet gives an elegant look to your kitchen. If you are cautious in taste, then this Kohler kitchen faucet is a perfect choice. Like the Kohler K-10433-VS Forte, this faucet also comes with excellent design.

This kitchen faucet comes in three colors to fit in all kinds of kitchen. Though the vibrant stainless finish is my most favorite, you can also choose the Matte Black and Polished Chrome. Matte black will suit perfectly in the classic kitchen, while other are there for modern looking homes and kitchens.

High Arc Spout to Clean Taller Kitchen Appliances

The KOHLER K-596-CP Simplice Kitchen Faucet comes with high arc spout. So, it helps you to clean tall pots, boxes, and other appliances easily. Sometimes, it can be tough to clean all the items in the kitchen, if you do not have a high arc design of the faucet.

We have tested this kitchen faucet for a while and liked the space it gives to clean any item with ultimate comfort. The water flows directly from the faucet and leaves no water to flow out of the sinks. This excellent feature will make you cleaning enjoyable and precise.

360-Degree Rotation and High Water Flow

360-Degree Rotation and High Water Flow

One of the major things I love in a kitchen faucet is the ability of swivel. It gives extra flexibility to work with the faucet comfortably. You can approach the faucet with every angle and clean every part of a pot or bowl without changing its position. The 360-degree rotation will help you clean these items with ease and comfort.

The KOHLER K-596-CP Simplice Single-Hole Pull-down Kitchen Faucet provide a decent amount of water flow for quick cleaning. This feature helps when you have to clean a lot of items during the working schedule. The water flow rate is 1.8 GPM. So, you can clean a lot of item in a short period perfectly.

Smart Sprayhead with Three Functions

This kitchen faucet is packed with useful features. So your cleaning time can be very comfortable, if not enjoyable. The company provides a sweep spray function that gives powerful water flow with a bigger oval pattern and angle to reach deep into the bowl. Therefore, t cleans the bigger pots very quickly.

You will also love the precise stream option. It uses a very small amount of water and cleans like normal ones. So, it saves water and utility bills. Also, there is a pause function with this kitchen faucet. If you need, you can quickly pause the water flow.

Comfortable  with Promotion Tech & DockNetik

I love the Promotion technology of the KOHLER K-596-CP Simplice Faucet. The joint of swiveling ball and braided hose makes it very easy to use the spray head. Also, you will very comfortable with this spray head during your cleaning. The comfort of this faucet makes it one of the most popular KOHLER faucets in the market.

Sometimes, it can be irritating to lock the spray head on your own every time after using the water. Well, the company of this kitchen faucet considered this problem seriously and came up with a smart DockNetik system. So, this function securely locks the spray head after usage. So, you do not have to worry about this specific problem.


  • Comes with a simplifies design to fit in the kitchen properly
  • Have three different finishes to match various kitchens
  • Makes your kitchen cleaning very easy and flexible
  • The 360 degrees of rotation makes it very comfortable
  • Have superb functions like Promotion tech and DockNetik
  • Decent amount of water flow makes cleaning quicker
  • Has three functions to work differently with the faucet


  • You need to reset the faucet temperature manually after use

Final Thought

The KOHLER K-596-CP Simplice Kitchen Faucet comes with a traditional look with a sleek and fluid line design. This exceptional design and other flexibilities like 360 rotations, single control drilling, and functional spray head make cleaning very easy during a busy schedule.

The overall aesthetic and functionality of this kitchen faucet are very pleasing. Most of the users love this faucet after many uses. It worth the medium range of price for the quality, features, and finish.

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