GROHE LadyLux3 Cafe Single-Handle Pull-Down

GROHE LadyLux3 Café Single-Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

GROHE is a big name in the kitchen industries. The company is famous for making a high-quality kitchen and bathroom equipment. They are also renowned for making kitchen faucets. And the GROHE LadyLux3 Café Single-Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet is one of their most popular items. This faucet comes with very high-quality construction and easy to use features.

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The Grohe Ladylux Plus Pull-out Kitchen Faucet is in line with the original Ladylux, the first ever pull-out kitchen faucet in the country. Then again, the Ladylux 3 cannot be entirely compared to its predecessor as the features of the Grohe LadyLux3 Café Single-Handle are so much better. In fact, it is a step higher than previous versions.

GROHE LadyLux3 Kitchen Faucet Review

The GROHE LadyLux3 Café Single-Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet features the GROHE SilkMove and many other technologies. The company has made this faucet with lots of important features to make it very easy to use. Let us find out those features in details.

GROHE SilkMove Technology

GROHE SilkMove Technology

The Grohe Ladylux kitchen faucet features the GROHE SilkMove technology which users will find skillfully implemented in its smartly-designed lever. The technology makes the faucet very smooth for handling. You can control the switch with your simple fingertip.

You can control the flow of water smoothly. So, it will make your cleaning comfortable. Also, you can easily control the water temperature without any problem. So, if you are doing lots of work and in a hurry, this technology will allow you to change the temperature very easily.

Most of the users of this faucet love it for the smooth operating. Most of them said it is the smoothest faucet they’ve ever used, especially since the water seems to just come on & off so softly.

Clean Anti-Lime System for Supreme Performance

This remarkable GROHE LadyLux3 Café Single-Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet also has the patented Speed Clean anti-lime system which ensures a like-new spray function. This function complete with a simple wipe. So you don’t have to carry any hassle in using the faucet, a single wipe will open the faucet and spray you water.

This feature shows the significant performance even the original Grohe Ladylux kitchen faucet is known for. The manufacturer kept people’s need in mind during making this faucet. It will ease the cleaning.

Excellent Design with Various Finishes

Excellent Design with Various FinishesWhen it comes to design, the Grohe Ladylux kitchen faucet can match whatever theme or design you have planned for your kitchen. Homeowners can choose from different types of finish such as the popular GROHE StarLight chrome, GROHE Stainless Steel/Black. These two designs have a very modern look, that will fit easily in your kitchen.

Also, you can use GROHE RealSteel which is deemed as the professional’s choice. You can use this design in professional kitchens, and people will love it in the kitchen. The shiny surface of the faucet will enhance the beauty of the kitchen.

For those who are aiming for durability and long lasting features, the stainless steel construction of GROHE RealSteel is something to look forward to.

Dual Spray Function for Different Works

Dual Spray Function for Different Works

This kitchen faucet also features dual spray controls which users can easily switch back & forth between regular flows & sprays. So, if you need quicker cleaning during heavy working days, you can easily change to the regular spray. To save water and better accuracy you can use the sprays.

To ensure full handle movement, particularly if this Grohe Ladylux kitchen faucet will be mounted in backsplash or front of a wall, there should be a 3 ¼ inch clearance between the faucet and wall/backsplash.

This GROHE Ladylux Plus kitchen faucet is unquestionably one of the finest around. Users like it a lot because of its remarkable dual spray control and lever. They even love its elegant & highly durable finish.


  • Comes with a high-quality finish for modern kitchens
  • The faucet provides durability for extended usage
  • The ceramic cartridges make controlling heat and flow very easy
  • Limescale is very easy to remove with a finger tip
  • It can provide lot of washing in a quick time
  • This faucet is best for both home and commercial use
  • The faucet does not squish water uncontrollably
  • You can quickly switch between spray and regular flow


  • The water flow can seem slower if you use larger items

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a high-quality kitchen faucet for home or commercial kitchen, then you can easily choose this faucet. It comes with great design, feature, and durability. It is so functional you’ll feel good washing your hands time and time again.

Most of the users of this faucet are really happy with it. This is because they found this faucet extremely comfortable for cleaning huge items. It is also very simple to use in a kitchen. also, you will love the aesthetic of this faucet.

Overall, the Grohe Ladylux kitchen faucet is a great buy. It is superbly engineered, and it offers the finest water flow. With so many options and ease to use the feature the faucet comes with a decent price. The GROHE LadyLux3 Café Single-Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet is undeniably a worthwhile investment to pursue.

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