7 Best Rib Rack Reviews

7 Best Rib Rack for Smoking, Big Green Egg & Kamado Joe

Certain things you often forget to bring in your barbeque day. Once you start the barbeque, you remember you needed something over your grilling pan.

Yes, I am talking about the rib rack. Rib rack makes the whole grilling, smoking, or barbequing experience too effortless. You see the ribs are quite oddly shaped. They are quite curved and they need support over the heated area.

It happened a lot of time to me that I chopped and marinated all the ribs perfectly, arrange them in great sizes, and everything it needs to make the ribs delicious.

When it’s time for the barbeque, I found no support for the ribs. It such a silly thing to let the ribs get unevenly heated.

You cannot move the ribs comfortably; you cannot get equal heat on every side. All of a sudden, your whole experience gets messier for this simple little thing.

In short, you need a rib rack. You can use all the alternatives but nothing will be this much satisfactory.

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Reviews of the 7 Best Rib Rack for Smoking & Grill

I tried to categorize a whole lot of rib racks for your convenience. A rib rack is quite a simple thing, yet I believe different criteria requires a different kind of rib racks.

As a firm rib steak lover, I have my experimentations with different types of toolkits. I hope the following list would be of help. So, let’s just start with the rib racks.

1. Best Overall – Sorbus Non-Stick Rib Rack

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At the first of my list, I will put Sorbus Non-Stick Rib Rack. This is exactly how it sounds.

Non-sticky and a rack for the ribs. Everything about this rack is simple. Of course, this comes from the famous Sorbus. They are responsible for a lot of outdoor cooking products. This is another simplest and one of the best Smoker rib racks in the market.

The most amazing thing about this rib rack would be the separated stand. You can put the ribs separately on this rack. The partitions are divided equally to prevent the ribs from mixed up. Another thing is you need proper space for the airflow.

A blocked rib rack will not be able to provide this kind of feature. Luckily, there is enough space in every block. This allows the airflow and the heat is also distributed equally on every rib.

If you are already familiar with the cooking process, you might have noticed that depending on the rib size, you need to control the heat. So, it is kind of obvious that you need to cook slower or faster from time to time.

This amazing rib rack helps me in these crucial situations. I am very much cautious about the grilling process. I try to cook slowly in most of the time. I find this rib rack extremely effective in these situations


  • It is compatible with several smokers.
  • Extremely durable rack.
  • Separated blocks for the ribs.


  • The rack is not enamel coated.

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2. Best Rib Racks for Grill – Weber 6605 Original

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I have recommended and mentioned Weber products many times to my friends, and now I am suggesting one fairly amazing product from them. This is none other than the Weber 6605 Original Rib Rack. If you are an outdoor cooking enthusiast like me, you already have heard of weber products. You might have some in your possession as well. This rib rack is so amazing that I have to put it on the list.

Weber 6605 has five separate racks for large-sized ribs. It can contain medium or large-sized ribs in every rack without any adjustment. Like the other amazing rib racks, it also has a simple design and durable materials.

As there is enough space in every rack, your meats will not get along with each other. As a result, you will have the best smoking or grilling experience out there as a big green egg rib rack. Though you have to put it on another rack but works well with the big green egg rib.

I always have some trouble with cleaning the rib racks for obvious reasons. The rib racks are capable of taking the overheat. As a result, sometimes it is troublesome to clean the rib racks.

With extra heat, the surface gets oily and burnt marks. However, this amazing rib rack is exceptional from the rest of the rib racks in the market. I never had to clean the rib rack with extra pressure or for a longer time.


  • Cleaning is extremely easy.
  • Separated racks for five ribs with extra space.


  • Sometimes the rack space is too wide for the ribs.

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3. Heavy Duty Ribs Rack – KALREDE Rib Rack BBQ

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This one is a fancy rib rack in my list and it is from the Kalrede. Why is it fancy you ask? Because it has all the premium qualities that I look for. KALREDE Rib Rack is one of the finest and best Smoker rib racks in the market. I have been using this recently and I couldn’t be happier.

First of all, you will notice the four sections of the rib rack. The sections are comparatively a bit larger than the other rib racks. It can cover up larger ribs. A more effective feature is enough space for heating. The ribs require proper and equally distributed heating. With this rib rack, you don’t need to worry about equal heating.

One of the best things about this rib rack is the material. This rib rack is made with non-sticky steel.

This kind of material doesn’t get mixed with the ribs or the liquids. So, the whole grilling or smoking experience gets better. I also noticed the non-stickiness of this product. The ribs can be easily moved or placed.

I often use this in my backyard for the grilling and sometimes in the kitchen as well. I have several kinds of smokers and grill machines. It suits almost every kind of weber, Kenmore, or kamado grills. How amazing is that?


  • Extra space for the ribs to grill or smoke evenly.
  • It suits a lot of grills and smokers.
  • High-quality material.
  • Extra heat consumption capability.


  • Sometimes it gets rusty.

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4. Best Rib Rack for Smoker – SOLIGT Extra-Large Stainless-Steel

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Sometimes you need to have an extra-large rib rack for the large-sized ribs. This is one of the best racks for big green eggs and other grills as well.

It is considered the best rib rack for smokers for several reasons. First, it has a larger design, and it can be suited with a larger grill that a smoker needs.

Yes, I am talking about SOLIGT Extra-Large Stainless-Steel Rib Rack which is by far one of the perfect rib racks for weber kettles and other smokers as well. This works for almost every large grills or smoker.

I am a fan of the ribs racks which have extra space. They can carry extra weight, you can have the large pieces smoked quite comfortably, and the movement is also great.

These stainless steel rib racks for smokers fit almost every kind of grill. It doesn’t waste much space. You know when you have less wasted space, you can have more ribs in the grills.

I am using the weber grills and the big green egg lately. This extremely useful rib rack fits perfectly. I can fit four extra-large sized ribs in just one time. It saves me time and effort. If you are a grilling enthusiast, you already know the time consumption.

It takes a lot of time to grill or smokes the ribs. If you can process the whole thing in just one try, it saves a lot of time. Who wants to wait for delicious ribs?


  • Extra-large sized design.
  • It fits almost every kind of larger grills or smokers.
  • It doesn’t waste much space.
  • The product comes with a money-back guarantee if needed.


  • Sometimes the rack sections are much wider for the ribs.

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5. Best BBQ Rib Racks – Sorbus Non-Stick Rib Rack

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In this part of my list, I want to mention one mountain grillers product. This is a bit premium product than the rest of the rib racks on the list. Rib Racks for Smoking – BBQ Rib Rack is designed for the bigger grills or smokers.

It fits in the maximum number of grills or smokers. However, as it is for the bigger ribs, you might need to consider the larger grills.

This rib rack is kind of the secret tool that you bring out for the house parties. Whenever you have a lot of ribs to grill, you need a bigger grill and consequently larger rib racks.

Not only this rib rack takes less space, but it also covers a greater number of ribs. The rib racks ensure the maximum airflow for the proper grilling. I have noticed that it takes less time to grill in this rib rack. The core reason would be the proper airflow and enough space for the ribs.

The most amazing thing about this rib rack is the versatility. This rib rack can be used in so many grills and smoker and different cooking procedures.

You can use this for barbequing, grilling, smoking, slow cooking and so many options. I find the materials too perfect to absorb any level of temperature you throw to them.


  • Amazing pick for the versatile cooking process.
  • Larger space for ribs.
  • Perfect non-sticky material.


  • Sometimes the rack gets broken after a few usages.

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6. Stainless Steel Rib Racks for Smokers – Kamado Joe KJ-RR Rib Rack

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Now it’s time for one vertical rib rack. In this section, I want to add one special rib rack which is known by the name of Kamado Joe KJ-RR Rib Rack. This is by so far one of the best vertical rib racks in the market.

This is also one of the best kamado joe rib racks. The manufacturer has been providing a lot of cooking materials for a long time. Let me explain why specifically this is on the list.

As I have mentioned this is one vertical rib rack. They have a kind of different construction. The layers are pretty much wide and you have more space for the ribs even as a big green egg rib rack.

You can put more ribs on every section. This is amazingly perfect for any kind of grilling, smoking, or slow cooking process.

I like the construction of this rib rack. It has the perfect material which doesn’t mix up with the meat. I have grilled for my family and friends for several occasions.

I can assure you the quantity of the ribs is always higher with this rib rack. Grilling for a lot of people takes time of course. However, this amazing rib rack helps me at a lot of parties. In my opinion, this is the best kamado joe rib rack you can get.


  • Wide vertical design.
  • Non-sticky stainless steel made rib rack.
  • Easy to maintain.


  • Sometimes it is hard to clean the racks.

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7. Best Big Green Egg Rib Rack – V Rib Rack

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Let me finish with one of the largest rib racks with 8 sections of the rack. This is none other than the V Rib Rack for Big Green Egg. If you are not familiar with the V-shaped rib rack, this kind of rib racks is quite similar to vertical rib racks. Just the shape is exactly like the V.

Why is the V rack considered as the best big green egg rib rack?

This is one of the best Smoker rib racks in my possession for a big green egg box. Also, I believe, this is one of the most useful rib racks for weber kettle and some other larger grilling machines.

Here is the thing, this product is amazing for big green eggs and kamado grills as well. This signifies the versatility of this product. You can use it for so many things. Grilling feels amazing with this rib rack.

I have used it mostly for grilling and smoking. As it is designed for larger pieces, it can carry a lot of ribs for its size. It can hold 6 racks of ribs and a similar amount of meat.

Another amazing thing is the cleaning procedure. Most of the rib racks are kind of hard to clean. Luckily, the design of this rib rack makes it much easier to clean. Moreover, you can easily clean the spots as the materials are non-sticky.


  • Larger V-shaped rib rack.
  • Can hold up to 6 sections of ribs.


  • Sometimes it doesn’t fit with several grills.

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What Is a Rib Rack?

Ribs are sensitive to grill or smoke. to grill or smoke. You need to be careful with the heat, procedure, and the timing. To ensure the total process, there are some additional kits for cooking.

However, these kits are extremely useful. One of them would be the Rib rack. The name suggests that you can only grill or smoke the ribs with it. In reality, you can do a lot more things with it.

Rib rack is as simple as it sounds. This is a rack for your smoked or grilled beef or lamb ribs. This is a simple yet effective addition to your smoking or grilling experience.

It simply allows you to put the ribs in the perfect place. Depending on the procedure, you might need to put the ribs in different orders. You might need to grill or smoke a large number of ribs. The rib rack provides you space. It makes sure that the ribs don’t get attached.

There are a lot of selections for rib racks. There are vertical rib racks, simple rib racks, V-shaped or U-shaped rib racks. You can select your requirements as well. There are larger rib racks for a large number of ribs. You can also select the minimalist rib rack for family dinner.

Using the Best Rib Rack

Using a Rib Rack

Select the Grilling pan

Grill carts or the simple pans are always the prime necessities. You need to have one good grilling or smoking pan for the cooking procedure.

Depending on what you are planning to do, you can select the pan or the cart. Though the rib racks can be used in the larger oven and others, yet the enthusiasts mostly prefer the open space pans or grills.

Adjust the Rib Rack

Most of the rib racks are designed for specific grilling pans or carts. You can check the compatibility with your selections.

If you are planning for a large number of ribs to smoke, there are options for you. Also, there are simple rib racks that can hold a limited amount of ribs.

However, a lot of ribs racks are adjustable with a vast selection of grills or carts. You can use it almost in every selection.

Is it a Big Green Egg Rib Rack

Not all the rib racks are big green egg rib rack. But most of the racks here can be set with other items as a big green egg rib rack.

Let’s say you have your rib rack selected. Now, you have to make sure that your rib rack is adjusted perfectly. It should not be shaky or inaccessible.

Adjust the Ribs

Make sure the ribs are situated perfectly in the rack. Do not push the amount of the ribs on the rack. If the capacity is just 6 pieces of ribs, make it just 6. If you have extra space, leave it.

You don’t need to put extra weights on the rib rack just because it can take. In most cases, the ribs get attached and the whole experience gets worse.

Make Enough Space for Air-Flow

Just to make my previous point, the heat needs to be equal for the ribs. The heat will be more in the lower part, yet you can make sure the whole portion of the ribs gets the heat.

It is possible for airflow. If you allow enough airflow in the rib rack when it needs, it can deliver the best result.

Bone Side First

As you can guess, the bones need extra heat to cook. You should always start with the bone side first. It means putting the bone sides in the lower part when you will start grilling.

After enough time, turn it around on the meaty sides. In this phase, you will not need much time to grill.

To sum up, these amazing rib racks helped me in the grilling sessions. As an enthusiast, I can assure you that a good set of rib rack can help you in the long run.

It makes the procedure way too easier and you can rely on the racks for enough heat. I would suggest you check your grilling kit and get yourself the best rib rack. It will not cost you much, but it can serve you the best pieces of ribs.

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