Kraus KPF-2250 Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet Review

Kraus KPF-2250 Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet Review

Have you tried on of the cheapest faucet of the market that advertised to provide all the features and then turned out to be a piece of crack? Its really a common news and that is why consumers do not rely on the cheap faucet. Well, they will change their mind for sure if they try the Kraus KPF-2250 single-handled pull-out kitchen faucet.

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Not only had the price that surprises me with this faucet, but also the design and simple usage made me a big fan.

The sleek shape and streamlined silhouette of this Kraus single lever pull out kitchen faucet bring convenience and versatile style to your kitchen. This product is getting popular among consumers day by day because it is the best faucet you can get at this low price.

Kraus KPF-2250 Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet Review

When you talk about the cheap Kraus kpf-2250 specs and performance, it is hard to expect much. But despite the low price, it offers some efficient features like lever handle, dual spray function and 120 degrees of swivel.

Also, the Kraus kpf-2250 installation and usage is comfortable and simple for its smart design.  Check out more on this Kraus faucet review below.

Easy Kraus kpf-2250 Installation

This item weighs 20.8 pounds. Which is not much to set this on a kitchen sink with a help of a partner. The single-hole mounting method allows the faucet to integrate seamlessly with any sink. So, you will find the Kraus kpf-2250 installation rather easy.

Moreover, all mounting hardwires are provided and an optional deck plate is included with purchase. So, it makes the installation process very easy.

Step by step clear cut instruction manual is provided with the faucet. You can easily get help from the Kraus kpf-2250 manual and set it up by yourself.

But this faucet does not have water supply lines. You can use the lines of your previous faucet or buy new from the market.

Otherwise, using this Kraus kitchen faucet is very easy. The smart tech of this kitchen faucet ensures perfect water supply for quick cleaning. Also, the leak-free facility will make anyone’s life easier in the kitchen.

Single Lever styled Handle

Kraus kpf-2250 Single Lever styled Handle

It has a single lever-style faucet for effortless temperature and “flow control”. The handle is placed on center top and moves without hitches. You can increase or decrease the flow and the temperature from hot to cold or lukewarm water according to your need.

So, you will have the quick access to the function and can use it very quickly during cleaning bowls and jars. You will not have to move your body and hand for doing it. Cleaning the vegetables and then dirty bowls can be even more simple with the Kraus single lever pull out kitchen faucet.

While researching for the Kraus KPF-2250 review, we have also tested and reviewed the Kraus KPF-2110 faucet features. This previous model also features the single lever with and advantages of Effortless Flow Control. Otherwise, the handle of the KPF-2250 works just fine.

Lead-free Construction

The product’s dimensions are 11.5×10.1×10.3 inches. With a different design of the spout, the construction quality is made as sturdy as the other models of Krause like the Kraus KPF-1630SS Nola, Kraus KPF-1602SS, and Kraus kpf-2110 faucets.

The lead-free brass construction makes it durable. Various finishes are available at the market so do not worry about matching your kitchen settings. The lead-free construction makes it healthy and safe for your home.

This product is highly corrosion and rust resistance. To ensure smooth operation and reliable drip-free use this faucet is constructed with top quality components including a ceramic disc cartridge and durable low-flow aerator. The lustrous stainless steel finish keeps the surface spotless with minimal maintenance.

Dual Function Sprayer

Kraus kpf-2250 Dual Function Sprayer

The Kraus KPF-2250 Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet is one of the newer design of Kraus. It has made from the previously made Kraus KPF-2110 Kitchen Faucet with cutting out some features to reduce the price. However, it has same dual function spray feature like the KPF-2110.

The dual function spray head that delivers an aerated flow and powerful spray. It changes its flow at the push of a button placed on its head. So you can change the function for stream and spray with a simple push.

The spray head has an easy clean rubber nozzle, which prevents hard water buildup, and the Kerox ceramic disc cartridge ensures drip-free use tested with 500,000 cycles. So you can understand why this product is really convenient.

Spout Pull-out function

The faucet has a streamlined pullout function that allows you to use the spray head out of the sink for filling pot or washing purposes. The spout swivels 120 degrees for complete sink access, can also be used on dual sinks.

The limited 120-degree swivel function may lack some usability and comfort. If that is your issue, you can easily see out the Kraus KPF-1602SS Review, which is bit more in prices but offers equitable features with it. Surely, the 360-degree swivel will work in favor of your comfort.

The spout is actually made up of plastic, you may find it cheap but some expensive products also have a plastic spout.  Besides some people find it safer because that plastic spout would not hurt any dishes if slips from hand or in any other case.

The flexible hose retracts smoothly with a counterweight. It reaches about 12 inches. The hose is light in weight, which, helps to work with ease with it.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Kraus provides a limited lifetime warranty for all its products. This stands against the virtual parts. But if the damage is caused by accidents or installation defects, you cannot claim for a replacement for obvious reasons.

The lifetime warranty is very interesting as you can have a total replacement after years of uses without spending a penny.


  • The aesthetic design of this faucet will fit perfectly in modern kitchens
  • Comes with smooth execution for easier and more comfortable use
  • The Kraus 2250 kitchen faucet is easier to install in kitchens
  • The compact design makes sure it goes with small kitchen sinks
  • Has single lever handle that can control temperature easily
  • Comes in a very affordable despite its high-tech and features


  • The spout of this faucet is made of plastic giving it a cheap feel
  • Some of the consumers have complained about its longevity
  • The lower stream flow rate may disappoint you

Final Thought

Kraus 2250 is one of the best sellers and customers are very satisfied with this product, you can find it out in Amazon reviews and rating section. Nothing can beat its value for the price.

Although this kitchen faucet comes with some lackings like the “plastic spout”, cheap look and the lower stream rate. You can easily consider the upsides with judging the price. And if pullout faucet doesn’t fulfill your requirement, you can always check out the reviews of Pull Down Kitchen Faucets.

It feels sturdy and much expensive than it really is. Buy this faucet and decorate your kitchen with a top-class fixture at an unbelievably low price.

Kraus provides limited lifetime warranty that is a very attractive feature and a reason of their being one of the top manufacturers.

If you are looking for a not-that-long kitchen faucet for your small sink, this faucet deserves to be your top pick.

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