Must Have Modern Kitchen Appliances

15 Must Have Modern Kitchen Appliances of 2022

The speed at which technology is developing is neck breaking. One moment you are thinking you have some of the latest cutting-edge technology devices around only to find out later that you are a bit behind. Everything now is smart, and the modern kitchen appliances have not been left behind.

With the evolving of modern science, you will see a drastic change in the features of these modern kitchen accessories and appliances. They will be more digital and “in synced” with modern tech than they were before. Moreover, we hope to see some of the new appliances in 2018 and 2019, that were not before.

Must Have Modern Kitchen Appliances

As long as the owner will cook inside their kitchen, they will love to have the update appliances for ease of their cooking time. The new accessories of 2017 have made their cooking comfortable and easy. Some of the new techs have improved the user-friendliness and some of the new appliances have been in the stores. The following is a list of some of them that are necessary have.

1.     Air fryer

If the “eat healthily, keep fit” bug has not bitten you, then brace yourself as it will pretty soon. The trend is to eat as little fat and oils as possible. Nevertheless, there are not much kitchen appliances out there for less fatty foods. These appliances can really support you on this that you might think,

“This is not so tough”

Fortunately, for you, there is the air fryer. The air fryer ensures that use as little oil as possible to cook your foods. They are made with the non-sticky materials. Therefore, you can easily use them with a very minimum oil for processing food. How wonderful is that? Now you get to enjoy fried chicken in a healthy way with less oil.

2.     The Nest Protect

As you are aware, kitchens are the most vulnerable to fires. Small gas leaks or unattended flames can leave your beautiful home all in ashes. However, you will be covered with the smart Nest Protect. The device is one of the most elegant carbon monoxide and smoke detector in the market at the moment.

In fact, it is quite the smart one as it tells the difference between smoke and steam. You will not have to worry about setting off the alarm when preparing your favorite pasta because the dumb alarm thinks the place is on fire.

What’s more, you will not have to deal with the unpleasant noises typical smoke alarms make. This device speaks the warning before it produces the noise. And the best thing is that it connects to your phone.

3.     The Bluetooth Speaker and Kitchen Stand

Every smart device worth its salt now has Bluetooth to enjoy your favorite music. This small innovative kitchen gadget lets you listen to music as you search for recipes to cook your favorite meal. Essentially, it is a two-piece set with a stand and speaker.

Bluetooth modern kitchen speaker

The device allows you to bring your iPad along to the kitchen. The Bluetooth speaker may not be among the popular modern kitchen appliances but can spice up your kitchen time really easily.

4.     Drop Scale

If you are individual that loves exciting and innovative designs; then this kitchen appliance is mouthwatering. The scale comes with an app allowing you to peruse hundreds of recipes covering everything from blueberry tarts to buggers. With this device, you will say goodbye to measuring cups.

The app will help you measure the right amount of flour, sugar or spice to whatever surprise you are cooking. The Smart Scale ensures that your cooking is accessible and easy while also keeping your tabletop all tidy. It makes following a recipe so simple that you can cook together with your children and enjoy it.

5.     The AGA iTotal Control

You are there thinking that there is no hope for ovens when it comes to smart devices. You are wrong! This kitchen appliance allows you to actually have control over its temperature without having to be close. All you need to do is send a text message. How about that! Could it get any better than this? You do not have to be in the house to switch it off.

6.     The Smart Fridgerator

smart modern fridge

Refrigerators have not been left behind in the march forward into the future. The Smart Fridgerator carries a smart design that makes food storage easy and convenient. It incorporates two pin cameras that enable you to get to the right item when you need to.

The good thing about this device is that it allows you to conserve energy. You only open the right compartment while the others remain closed.

7.     Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

Talking about smart devices, this refrigerator has almost everything that you need minus kitchen sink and kitchen faucet. No? Well, it comes with a large touchscreen that allows you to leave notes to your roommates, views their schedules, watch TV, play music, and even order groceries.


That is not all, the refrigerator has miniature cameras on the inside that take pictures and send them to your email. That means you know what has run out when doing your shopping. The price is on the higher side but isn’t that everything? You be the judge.

8.     The VIA cooking concept

So you have been complaining about the limited space in your kitchen? Say no more! There is a compact jaw-dropping modular concept that makes your cooking easy. The device features an interchangeable induction, grilling and griddle cooking modules.

These multifunctional design features are easy to clean and store underneath the unit. With this device, you will have the luxury of cooking your own food regardless of whether your living space is limited or not.

9.     The Tower Food Warmer

Sometimes you are so busy that you forget you had ordered pizza. It is at a time like this that you wonder what you are going to do as you are not a fan of cold food. This innovative kitchen gadget spares you from the situation where your salads get cold.

Modern Tower Food Warmer

What’s more, this compact unit comes in several food compartments that have a lock. This ensures that you do not mess your kitchen by accident.

10.  Future Cook

If you are that individual that is passionate about cooking and stuff, then Future Cook is one smart counter that is sure to impress. The device has an integrated food processor, induction cooktop, washing area and prep area. All of the essential functions are in one elegant and compact device.

What is even more impressive is that you have the option of adding quirky features to that tabletop such as the electronic recipes and nutritional information. The idea behind this counter is consistent with people in the fast lane; the people with limited time to cook.

11.  Flame Tamer

On some stoves, low just is not low enough. If you are simmering a dish for a long time, this inexpensive tool will prevent foods from sticking and burning on the bottom of a pan. It is one of the few modern kitchen appliances, which is growing popularity for home mothers.

12.  Food Mill

A hand-cranked food mill is handy for pureeing soups and sauces, as well as for removing the seeds and pits from cooked tomatoes and other vegetables.

Look for one with three removable disks rather than the common one-piece variety. This will allow you to make purees of different consistencies.

13.  Food Processor

The modem electric food processor has been both a blessing and a curse for those who love to cook. I find that it severs the physical connection to ingredients. However, that said. I do possess a small food processor that I use for creaming tofu and making custards, mousses, and other smooth, savory dips and spreads.

14.  New Lasting Knives

More than any other tool, a knife connects the cook to the food. Learning to use a knife properly is similar to learning how to write. A properly honed and maintained knife is the essential instrument by which you will inscribe your personality, thoughts, and feelings on most of the foods that you cook, eat, and share. Any experienced cook will have his or her favorite knives.

Knives forged from carbon steel used to be considered state-of-the-art and are excellent but for the fact that they can rust and stain. Stainless-steel knives will not rust or stain; however, they are very difficult to sharpen and tend to dull quickly. Most chefs use knives made from high-carbon steel, a blend of carbon steel and stainless steel that gives a great, sharp edge without the rust.

There are really just four essential knives:

15.  Modern Knife Sharpener

There is no point in owning a good set of knives without having the tools to keep them sharp. If you properly maintain your knives, everything will feel right and your hands will be able to move with a lightness and freedom that is impossible with a dull edge.

A sharp blade is also safer since dull knives will not glide through the fibers and tissues of food without some degree of clumsy, forceful exaggeration. The tough, shiny peels of fruits and vegetables are especially treacherous to cut with a dull edge since they can cause the knife to slip and wound the cook.

Modern Knife Sharpener

I always keep a steel handy and use it to touch up the blade every time I cook. A sharpening stone will hone and reconstruct the edge when it has become too dull to revive on the steel—I use one every an old-fashioned whetstone that requires oil (better whetstone that uses water for lubrication

Final Thought

If you are new to cooking, leaf through the modern kitchen appliances article and choose one or two of them that strikes your fancy. Check out the kitchen appliances you already have. See if you have the necessary equipment that can leave you a healthy home

I hope this small list of modern kitchen appliances will help you to choose the right kitchen item for your brand new kitchen. Also, in 2017, you need some new stuff to cope with the new technology and make your kitchen life simpler.

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