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9 Kitchen Cleaning Tips: How to Clean a Kitchen Fast

Kitchen cleaning tips are some of the major needs to have healthy and safe foods. As most of the foods are made in the kitchen, you need to have a clean environment without any bacteria and dirt. But, kitchen cleaning can be very annoying with long and tedious repetitive works.

So, you need some simple kitchen cleaning tips and tricks to maintain kitchen easily. Also, with the help of some handy quick tips, your works can be more fun, and it could take less time possible. If you find out these tips, your life will be a lot easier in the kitchen.


Nine Kitchen Cleaning Tips for Having a Healthy Kitchen

There are many tips and ways available to maintain healthy kitchens. Most of them can vary for the different types of kitchen and weather. We have collected some of the most useful and essential tips for cleaning the kitchen.

Now let’s look into some of the quick kitchen cleaning tips to make comfortable our day to day cleaning.

  1. A Blender Cleaning Secret

Blender blades are often difficult to clean. It can be very time consuming as well if you try to clean it with hands. But, you can easily clean it with applying detergent blending trick.

So after you have finished pouring your drink or food ingredients, take the pot straight to the sink and put some little detergent with water. After that, put the pitcher back to the blender and blend it for 20 seconds. Rinse it and you are done.

To force the water properly into the blender bowl, you can use a better kitchen faucet. There are different brands and top class kitchen faucets available online like Moen 7594esrsKohler k-596-cp, Delta Ashton, Danze kitchen faucets. You just need to select the right one for your kitchen.

  1. Microwave Cleaning Shortcuts

The fastest way to clean the microwave to put some wet paper towel in the microwave and run it at high temperature for 3-5 minutes. It will take no more than five minutes, and you will be very surprised with the magic.

The steam will moisten the interior of the microwave wall. This will make the dirt softer. After cooling down use the paper towel to wipe clean the interior. This process takes a tiny time with a great effect on microwave ovens.

  1. Microwave Deodorizing

Sometimes, microwave can have bad usage during heavy cooking. This happens as the cooked food leave some of its smell out of it, and they processed to have bad smells. You can easily solve the smell with the use of lemon and water of kitchen faucet.

Put the mixture of a cup of water with ½ cup of lemon juice and put it on high heat for 3-5 minutes. After the heating let the mixture stay on the place or 5-10 minutes then remove it.

  1. A quick coffee pot tip

The coffee’s glass jug can become hazy with the passage of time especially if you let it in that way for a long time. The cup can get sticky with the ingredient of coffee, and we all know how difficult it is to clean them.

quick coffee pot tip

To clean it you will need some ice, lemon, and salt. Fill the glass jar by a quarter with ice then squeeze a quarter of a lemon to the ice. After that add two tablespoons of salt.

Now swirl the whole mixture or about 2 minutes. The inside of the will quickly become cleaned. Therefore, cleaning the coffee mug is also very easy with swirl tips.

  1. Clean a Cast-Iron Pan

The cook knows well that you should never use liquid detergent on cast iron pan and also you should never scrub it with something harsh and abrasive. This scrubbing can remove the non-stick surface of the pan. This scrubbing can make things worse.

So you need some smart trick to clean this kitchen item. Instead of using liquid soap use salt. First, rinse the pot with water. After that rub, it with a few tablespoon of salt then rub it with the paper towel and rinse. Use some oil to replenish the coating after that.

  1. A Coffee Grinder Trick

Coffee Grinder Trick - Kitchen cleaning tips

A coffee grinder is a complicated machine, and cleaning this item can be difficult. Grinding other than coffee bean in a coffee grinder mainly dry spices often leaves the smells, and it is tough to remove.

For this try a handful of uncooked rice through the coffee grinder this will eliminate the smells of the strong spices like cinnamon. This is one of the easiest kitchen cleaning tips to clean the coffee grinder.


  1. Cheese Grater and  Carving Knife Tip

Cleaning a cheese grater can also be very difficult, as the cheese can get stickily into it. But you can also clean it very easily.

Use a pastry brush to remove the last remnant of the grated food from the greater. It works like the magic spell on the both side of the grater.
Then you can easily clean it using kitchen faucet water. There are top class brands of kitchen faucet like Danze, Kohler, Moen, Delta etc. Find out the best match for your kitchen using these tips.

You should also maintain the knives with proper cleaning and maintenance. Like if you have a wood carving knife, you need to clean it after every usage and then dry it before keeping it in the self. This will decrease the chance of being rusted and protect the kitchen environment.

  1. Disinfect the Garbage Disposal

This is one my favorite kitchen cleaning tips to disinfect garbage disposal. You just need ice cubes and vinegar with normal water. Then it will be super easy to clean it. I like to have healthy meals after most of my hunting and fishing session, where I do a lot of outdoor stuff and want a relaxing time of liquid items. The faucet allows me to have healthy quick water.

Deodorize and disinfect the garbage disposal by grinding ice cubes made of fifty percent water and half vinegar. This mixture will help deep clean and as well as deodorize the disposal.
You can also disinfect the garbage disposal in a little different way. Check out this video:

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  1. Coffee Cup Saver

China cups are my favorite for drinking coffees and teas. I use to drink coffee a lot during my writing session. Cleaning them was a bit harder before I can across this kitchen cleaning tip.

With scrubbing using the equal parts of vinegar and salt, the coffee stains from the china cups can be removed easily and quickly.

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So, you can easily maintain your kitchen, if you know the individual tip to clean each of the items. It will make your cleaning very easy and save a lot of time. Then you can spend moments with your family and make them better foods by utilizing the times. Also, using better quality items like a proper kitchen faucet, proper pans and cook tools can make thing easier.

A clean kitchen will give you healthy life along with reducing the chances of disease. I hope you liked our Nine Kitchen Cleaning Tips. Let us know in the comment section if you know how to clean the kitchen fast.

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