How to Make Carrot Juice With a Blender

Carrots are much harder to chew because the fibers often stick to the teeth and are hard enough. So drinking juice is one of the means by much easier to absorb all the nutrients.

More suitable carrots are available during winter. Carrot juice is very good for maintaining the health of our brain. So make a large batch and leave them for a long time to drink.

Health Benefits of Carrot Juice

Health Benefits of Carrot Juice

Drinking carrot juice will be very effective in building the body’s immune system, carrot juice is very effective in maintaining heart health, carrot juice has all the anti-cancer properties. Carrots also contain beta-carotene, which is very good for eye health.

Drinking carrot juice helps lower the harmful cholesterol in health, and carrots have many more health benefits.

As a result of drinking carrot juice, the antioxidants in vitamin C in carrots help cure diseases and help in weight loss like other health benefit fruit juices.

If you have diabetes, don’t be afraid to drink carrot juice. Although carrots are sweet, they control blood sugar levels, and even for diabetics, drinking carrot juice will be a health benefit.

What to do Before Blending

When making carrot juice, many people use different fruits with carrots to add flavor to the juice. Most people like the flavor mixed with apple, orange, lemon, and ginger. Lemon brings a radiance to the inside of carrot juice and brings a great sour taste.

If you also use any fruit, you must first wash and peel it well, such as the center part of the apple, the center part of the lemon, and of course, the skin on the top of the carrot. After peeling the carrot, a sweet color will appear on its skin.

How to Make Carrot Juice With a Blender that Taste Better

How to Make Carrot Juice With a Blender that Taste Better

A good idea for carrots or any fruit, when you bring them home from the market, Keep all of them neatly cleaned and stored so that you can use them after washing the food once.

After washing all the carrots and fruits (If you want to mix), cut them into small pieces.

How to Use Blender

An important part is here because many people do not use the right smoothie blender properly, so the blender does not last long. No matter how expensive the blender is, not everyone knows the proper rules for using the blender, and it is wasted. Be sure to check the manual or take the training once from the internet.

First, add all the ingredients to the blender. Then pour a cup of water into it. Then turn on the motor by switching on the lid of the blender jug. Slowly increase the speed so that the components can cut easily.

Let the blender continue until smooth. You can feel the sound of the blender if it is blended perfectly. When it is completely smooth, pour in one more cup of water.

When pouring water, make sure that more water does not pass through, then the taste of the juice will be lost and will change to a much thinner color. So, after your juicing is complete, a nice fresh scent will blow your nose as soon as you open the lid.

Extract the Juice From the Pulp for Health Benefits

It will be a good idea to use any thin cloth, you can use a cheesecloth, or the nut milk bags can help you like this time.

Take a wide pot first, and spread the cheesecloth over the whole pot. Then using a spoon, pour all the ingredients from the blender’s jug onto the cheesecloth, which is placed on top of the pot. Now gather the four corners of the cloth, lift it a little above the pot, apply pressure well, take out all the juices, and store them in the pot.

Use for any other recipe without dropping the pulp.

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