Pull Out Vs Pull Down

Pull Out Vs Pull Down: Which one to Choose?

If you’ve gone through different kitchen faucet reviews, already you’ve read the terms pull-out and pull-down in many places. It can be a problem to choose the perfect kitchen faucet between Pull Out Vs. Pull Down comparing the number of functions and differences of the kitchen faucet.

Maybe you’re facing a problem getting used to the terms and terminology used in the reviews. If you don’t understand the term properly, you’ll end up buying the wrong faucet that you don’t want. So, it is important to understand the differences between styles, types of faucets in the market.

So, to remove your confusion, I’ve added the information page so that you can get the difference and their usage properly.

Pull Out Vs. Pull Down: Which one to Choose?

Along with the kitchen faucet, our guidance on other efficient kitchen appliances will make sure you can have an appropriate kitchen for your home. But here, we will talk about the difference between pullout and pulldown kitchen faucets.  Let’s find out the in-depth information on the pull-down and pull-out kitchen faucet and help you to choose your needed one.

Pull-Down Kitchen Faucetpull down kitchen faucet

The Pull-down system is exactly similar to the word it sounds. It means pulling down the faucet heads from the fixture for easy mobility during rinsing and washing like that we see in our Moen pull-down faucet review section.

This type of kitchen faucet lets the waterfall on the cleaning appliance perfectly and keeps things neat.

It is a hanging faucet connected to a tube that can extend to reach even the tightest spaces. It makes your cleaning easy and convenient. Most home users like pull-down kitchen faucet for accurate water direction. It doesn’t flow the water all over the place, so your kitchen remains clean.

Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet

pull out

Pull-out is somewhat the same as the pull-down process. These faucets are best for use with small kitchen sinks. It is because most of the pull-out kitchen faucet takes very small space. Normally you don’t often see a pullout faucet in the kitchens in America. But the compact design worth a shot, and many people are using this kind of faucets.

Here you pull the handle of the faucet horizontally. Instead of pulling the head of the faucet, you’re pulling out the handle of the faucet ahead. Also, the handle is extendable like the pull-down process and can retract back to its original position easily. Thus, it offers a wide range of motion.

You can find the pull-out with many finishes, like-  nickel, chrome, polished brass, oil rubbed bronze, satin black, and stainless steel.


  • Both have a spray system
  • Spray hoses can be extended


Pull down

  • Taller spouts
  • Can clean big rib racks, dishes, and other cookeries.
  • The spray hose is quite short. So you can pull down to some extent for cleaning the dishes.


  • It has a shorter spout but a longer hose for moving to different places
  • Spray hose with the handle for good gripping
  • Convenient for the double sink

Pull-Out Faucets: Pros and Cons:

Pros of the pull-out faucet:

  • If you don’t have that much bigger sink, it’s suggested to use the pull-out faucet. This is because it has shorter spouts.
  • Due to the added flexibility, you will experience less splashing.
  • Longer hoses are available. So you can fill big pans or pots that are not near to the sink.

Cons of the pull-out faucet:

  • If you have a big hand, you won’t feel comfortable gripping the handle.
  • Not feasible for filling the taller pot or pan
  • Pull Down Faucets: pros and cons

Installing: Pull Out Vs. Pull Down

There are some differences between the two faucets’ installation as they are different in nature and build. Let’s find out more with the video.

Pull-Down Faucets- Pros and Cons:

Pros of the pull-down faucets:

We have discussed the best moen and delta pull-down kitchen faucets in another article, and you can keep an eye here for more info. However, let’s begin with the advantages.

  • It offers a wide variety of spraying compared to the pullout. Thus, make the works faster and easier according to the need.
  • It’s more ergonomic as it requires one simple downward motion
  • The hose is less prone to twist. As you don’t need to move in a variety of direction
  • It’s the perfect fit for the deep kitchen sink

Cons of the pull-down faucets:

  • The water pressure might reduce due to the height of the spout.
  • Faulty weight on the cheaper model can cause the sprayer or the spout head to get broken.
  • Not suitable for the smaller sink area. It would be best if you considered the height above the sink to buy the pull-down faucet.

Final Thought

Both of these faucets have some advantages and disadvantages to working on. If you are looking for various water sprays and accurate directions, then the pull-down kitchen faucets with a high arc design will make cleaning comfortable for you. We have addressed this common problem of choosing the right one between these two types and finding a solution.

On the other hand, it’s better to use the pull-out faucet if you have a smaller sink. This is because it has shorter spouts. It also doesn’t often splash the water, so cleaning remains easy.

So, it’s your choice which one to choose. It depends on your comfort and convenience while working in the kitchen.

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