How To Clean A Juicer Machine

To keep a juicer long-lasting, we have no substitute for keeping the juicer clean. A juicer has to wash as soon as the juice is made. Although it is not always thoroughly cleaned, it would be a good idea to keep a day of the week when the juicer will thoroughly clean.

It is essential to clean whatever type of juicer you have. If not cleaned regularly, the minor components inside the juicer get stuck, and these later produce various bacteria which are harmful to the body. In addition, a lot of pressure is created on the juicer motor.

Process on How To Clean A Juicer Machine

Process on How To Clean A Juicer Machine

Check the process and procedures on cleaning a juicer machine for better result.

Open Each Part

To clean the dirt inside and keep the motor free so every part must be open and clean. For this, open all the parts by looking at the manual. A juicer has many places where it cannot clean, or many places are difficult to clean with a brush.

Each part must be separated to access your juicer’s grinding process, sieve, lid, and plunger, rib rack, and use a plastic bag to discard the pulp when separating the parts. You can use the pulp in any recipe, or you can use them as a plant fertilizer. Use a spatula or standard dish brush to remove the pulp.

How to Deep Clean

Here are some things you will need to do to clean deep. For example, a standard dish brush that allows you to scrub and reach problematic areas, a kitchen scraps sponge will be needed to clean the stains, and a liquid dishwasher will help remove bacteria and stains.

Clean the sieve and grinding material by rubbing it with a sponge and using two to three drops of liquid dishwashing and clean complex areas with a brush.

Many times minor hard stains or sticky elements can clean very nicely with a brush. Some machines already have brushes and use them or use a dishwashing brush after making carrot juice or other vegetables smoothies.

If the stains often do not come off quickly, soak them in hot water for ten to fifteen minutes. When the hard ingredients have softened, gently scrub with a brush or sponge using liquid dishwashing.

If there are still any stains, remove the stains using baking soda. When cleaning, make sure that the smell of the soap or juice does not remain, as the smell will later mix with the juice.

Keep in Mind While Working

Keep in Mind While Working

Always check if there is a plug on. Never leave the juicer and blender machine on and start cleaning because this can lead to electric shock at any time. In many cases, fires can also occur, and many more can be terrible.

The motor part of the juicer will never wash with a wet brush or cloth because little water in the motor will damage the machine. Always clean the motor parts using a towel and use a dry brush on problematic areas. Make sure no scratches fall when deep cleaning, and always rub gently.

When to Reassemble

After washing all the parts, let them dry separately. When it dries, you can see the water stains on the parts of the juicer. Use vinegar to remove water stains. Rubbing lightly with a drop or two of vinegar on a dry towel or sponge will remove the spots.

When reassembling the juicer, be sure to use the manual if you forget the time when you open it. Give it a long time, and do not go anywhere.

If something is damaged, the whole juicer will not be usable, and separate parts of the juicer will not find easy to buy. If you ever lose the manual, get help online or get help from someone and make sure that no scratches are left.

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